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  • All right, guys.

  • Speaking of M J, let's get to a notable anniversary on this date in 96.

  • Hey, look, he's the victor.

  • Michael Jordan, receiving the fourth of his five career regular season MPP awards, garnered a then record 96.5% of the first place votes.

  • Jacquie Jordan finished top three and envy the NBP voting five other times in the seasons.

  • He didn't win it.

  • So how many MVP's do you think he should really have?

  • Is five the right number?

  • So I'm going to say that I'm going to respect the process, Rachel, and say that the five he won was the five.

  • He should have one now, Who did?

  • You have been the M V P in 97 when car Malone it.

  • Of course he could.

  • You could make an argument for every single year he played.

  • But car Malone had an exceptional season that year.

  • I was actually working for Sports Illustrated and wrote a story saying, Why not Karl Malone for empty?

  • Hey, that one's on may be so, but I really believe with all these cases put, LeBron have four.

  • Sure.

  • Larry Bird.

  • Yes, that's just the way I respect the process of the voting.

  • And Jack, I'm right there with you speaking the Gospel today and I think he deserved.

  • He got the five that he deserved.

  • When you look at what Charles Barkley did in that 93 season, I mean 25 points, 12 rebounds, five assists.

  • I think he joined Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar Robinson in that company.

  • In the famous songs was 60 to win 20.

  • If you took Barkley off their team well with the Phoenix Suns B, that's how I'm looking at my most valuable player.

  • Also, when you look at Karl Malone, take are blown off the Utah Jazz.

  • He was averaging right around 27 points a game.

  • You take him off the Utah Jazz well, with the Jazz beat without him.

  • That's when I started looking reevaluating like my most valuable player John could have wanted every year.

  • He was the best player in the world.

  • But when you look at those two guys brought him alone.

  • They were more valuable to the team at the time in their team's success and it's just my opinion.

  • All I can say guys is this goes right back to my argument that the NBA's should join the NFL, the NHL, a lot of our other North American sports leagues and make a distinction between who has had the best season and who is the best guy in the league.

  • Because we saw in both of those years that Karl Malone won and the Charles Barkley one when it came down to it.

  • If, like in Space Jam, the aliens came down and said, You can play one game.

  • Guess what we found out in the N B A.

  • Finals.

  • Both of those years, the best player in the league, the guy who you'd want is Michael Jordan.

  • So I agree.

  • Barkley and Malone had the best season.

  • We should have an award for best season.

  • We should also recognize who's the best player in the N B A.

  • And those years it was still Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

All right, guys.


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