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  • got a guy here in insider, intimate knowledge.

  • Intimate knowledge, of course, of this area.

  • Thank you so much for being with us.

  • Thank you.

  • It is amazing.

  • Open the bay.

  • I lived in open for 10 years, and I'm really happy that they get to say good bye the right way.

  • You know, last time they didn't know.

  • Now they know you have to say goodbye properly, and tomorrow night will be There'll be a lot of tears of joy and said, OK, that's a big deal.

  • What you say?

  • Because you're basically talking about how we know when lose a drawer.

  • This is it.

  • Whereas last game you were thinking OK, we lose.

  • Oh, my God.

  • You know, we win.

  • We'll be back.

  • Maybe Game six or what?

  • Have you didn't know?

  • What?

  • The situation tonight tomorrow night.

  • You do?

  • Yeah.

  • They got these fireworks I've been wanting to explode outside.

  • And there's also the ghetto fireworks to wear.

  • Sometimes sometimes ghetto fireworks are significantly better.

  • Yes, and they're very good in the soap.

  • There we go on, shoot their sums off.

  • Mark, Let me ask you this.

  • So obviously we know Kevin Durant flew to New York getting an m R I on that.

  • Achilles will get those results a little later today, the team will announce them.

  • How devastating is this injury to Durant's career?

  • Well, I made a phone call out to Rudy Gay today.

  • He's in my line.

  • He watched the game.

  • Guy?

  • Yeah, 2017 January down the street with the Kings.

  • He had the same injury when he was watching it from Milan.

  • He knew immediately what happened.

  • Kevin.

  • They have known each other since high school at times, both from the D.

  • M V area, and he hit him on Instagram.

  • That's how these guys talked him in.

  • Instagram is, and the first thing Rudy told him is, Don't be scared.

  • Eso I expect.

  • Broudy expects to have continued conversations with Kevin about how to get through this.

  • Rudi's not Kevin Durant, but he's a pretty good player in this league, and he was able to come back and have success.

  • So I mean, he's a looks similar.

  • Yeah, so how he looked before the A C before the Achilles, and that's the thing to pay attention to, because if you're Kevin Durant, that's what you're worried about.

  • If you anybody within the killing is not a matter off.

  • You know what?

  • Okay, Excuse me.

  • My game order.

  • Can you potentially look the same or be as healthy as you were prior to the injury in the N way?

  • Rudy said it is.

  • It's about not rushing to.

  • Rudy will sit felt he was ready in six months.

  • Six months and the Spurs scale them back.

  • But he was back pretty quick.

  • I thought this season we forgot the Rudy Gay had Achilles injury, so he to me, Hey and Durant aren't exactly the same.

  • But to me, he's a good measure.

  • I know what I think.

  • That is a good measurement.

  • Rudy Gay hasn't been the same, quite.

  • He's a nice player.

  • He was a better player before the injuries.

  • More athletic before the injury, I think, and by the way, I understand part of the understanding of the game has changed.

  • So Rudy Gay's mid range is not is valued, so he's not played as much, but still, but they don't They don't need as much from Rudy Gay now, Okay, But once upon a time, he was seen as a guy.

  • Maybe you could be one of the cornerstones, right?

got a guy here in insider, intimate knowledge.


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杜蘭特從魯迪-蓋伊那裡得到了關於跟腱傷勢恢復的建議|First Take。 (Kevin Durant is getting advice from Rudy Gay about recovering from an Achilles injury | First Take)

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