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  • I got a man next to you, Tracy, who has had plenty of joy in this last year after being the number one overall pick.

  • DeAndre, welcome back to the show.

  • We always love having you on there.

  • I'm gonna make you an analyst right away.

  • Are you ready?

  • All right.

  • Who do you trust more tonight in game one?

  • In this building?

  • You've got the Raptors.

  • But it's their first final game ever.

  • You got the Warriors.

  • But there, without Katie, we know.

  • Well, to be honest, raptors have a huge advantage.

  • Thistles history.

  • So I think the first punch.

  • Hopefully, I don't think it's gonna be a knockout, but it's gonna be a blow.

  • No, the war is gonna take care of the Warriors.

  • They're going to stay within their structure without with you.

  • Make him say that.

  • Tracy's try to convert everyone to the rafters right now, I ask you about your rookie year.

  • Came in with such high expectations.

  • Number one overall pick.

  • You could have some fantastic offensive numbers shown here in a minute.

  • You because several times when I talk to you through the year, it seemed like you were living up to the standard you wanted.

  • How would you rate yourself average?

  • You know, I know I could have done a lot more.

  • A lot of I just felt So what?

  • I'm really glad all you got every single one guys, it is much wisdom.

  • Here's what I want to say I look at I had a problem with a lot of these big guys in the league hasn't game back to the basket with their back to the basket.

  • And I think for him because a lot of teams, especially the West, they like to play small ball.

  • And I think that your size, with your skill set, you have to develop that back to the basket gang, where you punish these guys where small guys can't switch on you because there's a lot of switching going on in the NBA and I think if you develop that along with outside jump shot, you'd be unstoppable.

  • He's got your old friend, your your old TV, him now Monty Williams coming in to be the new coach.

  • How much is he gonna help him develop?

  • This is going to help minutes with development.

  • He knows the game learned on the Popovich, who has a great basketball minds.

  • His basketball action is up with best.

  • So I think money would do wonders.

  • Not you, before your way.

  • Can't wait to see you.

I got a man next to you, Tracy, who has had plenty of joy in this last year after being the number one overall pick.


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