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  • they wanted to compose a major topic of conversation now because his impending free agency now technically, it's two summers away.

  • But do you remember what happened with Anthony Davis?

  • Because it's next summer that the Bucks could sign him to a Supermax extensions.

  • The Bucks are now officially on that one year clock to make him happy enough that he would want to Simon in the summer.

  • And, by the way, teams like the Knicks seem to already be gambling right that he might not be happy enough because they seem to be tailoring their cap room to that summer of 2021.

  • Now, Mallika, you wrote back in May when Milwaukee was eliminated.

  • The focus for the box is not just to win, but to make sure that Yannis returns to the point where there was some thoughts that they might need to reach an MBA finals.

  • You were saying in that article right to make him happy.

  • Can you clarify?

  • Answer.

  • Tell us where they sit right now.

  • So to be to be very clear on what Johannes is Johannes e.

  • Lives and died by winning.

  • I mean, the two most important things to him are seeing winds and his family.

  • And so he has publicly declared how much he loves Milwaukee, and he absolutely does love the city.

  • But for him, he is so competitive that he needs to be to prove that he can win in order to to stay there.

  • And when I asked a source close to him to put into terms what is winning me, what is the line?

  • He said.

  • What could potentially tip the scales in Milwaukee's favor is an MBA Finals appearance now.

  • They fell short of that this last year, and so now with this new landscape of the MBA, the East Wide Open, I expect that to be important to Johannes as he's moving forward and making those sorts of decisions.

  • I just don't see Yonas as a guy.

  • I think he's one of those guys is law.

  • You toe French?

  • That's what I get from.

  • I thought losing Brockton was huge for Milwaukee.

  • I thought they should have did whatever they need to do to keep him, but the East is wide open.

  • I mean, he's the forties, he's coming up for every P season.

  • The sky's the limit.

  • We could see he's back in the lab.

  • I don't think I see him retired as a books a za Milwaukee Books.

  • That's just me, personally, just for the simple fact.

  • I don't see him jumping from team to team.

  • I don't see him going right to somebody else team to go play with.

  • He liked to take on the challenge, actually playing against LeBron James plan against Kevin Durant.

  • I don't see him running to go chase to go play with somebody, not somebody.

  • Go to Milwaukee and play with him.

  • This could be a whole other story.

  • Yeah, but But I think he's a lawyer.

  • You guys to the franchise.

  • And I think you want to retire the books and you write These is wide open.

  • If I leave Toronto, Milwaukee is the favorite.

  • I got a mobile field.

  • Well, yeah, I wasn't say there is competition their n b A Finals Airbus.

  • That's a tough bar.

  • Teoh.

  • Emily.

  • You certainly.

  • No.

  • In that article, there's other factors.

  • Aziz.

  • Well, I'm always nervous, Kendrick was saying loyalty because look, the players, once they're free agents, they've earned that Free me and and you know, we don't call it loyalty.

  • If the team trades them but it will be interesting to see and you're right.

  • He's expressed so much love for the city of Milwaukee, and what will happen to see what all factors in together It's so juicy, really good.

  • Thank you so much for joining us today.

  • We appreciate it.

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they wanted to compose a major topic of conversation now because his impending free agency now technically, it's two summers away.


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