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  • and now we got to bring in Zubin the one and only ESPN State McMenamin, who follows the Lakers and LeBron all the way every day.

  • Dave, your reaction to Anthony Davis heading to Los Angeles to be with LeBron and you guys it.

  • I can't say it's shock.

  • It's certainly a lot to give up.

  • You know, you're getting a lot back.

  • And the entire MBA was reminded of the difference a top level talent can make with Toronto being bold and going out and getting Coli Leonard, including the first championship in franchise history.

  • Here you have.

  • The Lakers certainly gave up a lot to get Anthony Davis services, but you bring back a 27 year old superstar in his prime who has already owns some chemistry with LeBron James.

  • Delivers opportunities.

  • They played together, and now we see what the next shoe to drop will be and how they fill out the rest of this roster to try to happen.

  • That's very depth to make a run at the championship and day.

  • That's where I wanted to go with you next.

  • Rich Paul couldn't get it done in January, but he makes it happen in June and there have been so much emphasis loaders with this earlier and said this had to get done before the n B a draft that they could get those trio of first round picks.

  • In addition to Lonzo, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart's You've got LeBron salary, you've got Anthony Davis's salaries.

  • He eventually heads to free agency in 2020 likely re signed with the Lakers.

  • Just take into account salary that that now have to take into account with LeBron and Davis.

  • What can they do?

  • What can they still afford to do?

  • Come July 1?

  • We'll ask.

  • Presently Constructed.

  • Proven they don't have a full Max salary slot available.

  • Now, that doesn't mean that a player is considered a Max level.

  • Talent wouldn't take a haircut in order to join the likes of 80 and LeBron, but you could see the Lakers break up the max plot that they've been preserving and go after several different pieces to really have the necessary depth they're gonna need next year.

  • And you know some of the names you could hear and you likely will here in the coming weeks.

  • Guys like Steph Curry, Brook Lopez, background Bogdanovich, Um, right on down the list.

  • Terrence Ross of a limo magic.

  • They're gonna need Teoh not just have a two man team.

  • What you saw out of the Golden State Warriors won a fantastic collection of talent.

  • But if one of your top tier guys goes down, you really at a disadvantage.

  • So, you know, you could just see LeBron and Anthony Davis is the major stars on that team.

  • Obviously, Cal Koosman retaining him will allow them to have, ah, young up and coming scorer with that roster.

  • And then, you know, guys like more Wagner and Alice Caruso likely given a chance to be a part of this team as well.

  • But they're gonna need to fill out rotation guys four through seven.

  • And perhaps that means breaking up the max contract was near back, getting open on their book.

  • You definitely so much more to break down here.

  • Coming up with this move.

  • The Lakers acquiring Anthony Davis.

and now we got to bring in Zubin the one and only ESPN State McMenamin, who follows the Lakers and LeBron all the way every day.


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湖人為了AD放棄了很多,但他們得到了很多回報 - Dave McMenamin | SportsCenter (The Lakers gave up a lot for AD but they're getting a lot back - Dave McMenamin | SportsCenter)

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