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  • Let's welcome in Shinobu McKay to talk about the rise of the Miami Heat and what arise it's been.

  • What's been the key to their success so far this season?

  • Well, the Miami he they know their type.

  • They always get players with a chip on their shoulder.

  • And the number one guy analyst Jimmy Butler, Tomball, Texas That's where I was born in top hospitals.

  • Jimmy Butler.

  • If you talk about him, you always have to talk about the fourth quarter.

  • He is a winner.

  • He loves to take the tough shots and make the tough shots.

  • He's a hard nosed player.

  • No one wants to win more than him.

  • Now.

  • One of the best stories of the season has also been Kendrick Nunn, 24 years old, a rookie and giving you straight up 16 points per game.

  • So what's the line?

  • He's the rookie end of that.

  • Those have been big surprise.

  • Nobody.

  • I bet nobody expected that kind of production parents.

  • Probably unbelievable.

  • I mean, so how is the addition of Jimmy Buckets affected this team?

  • It's been everything.

  • You know, the way he left Minnesota and then even leaving Philly.

  • A lot of people sort of quote unquote called him problematic type of teammate.

  • So I thought it was really interesting when I was reading this geek you interview in which Tyler Hero said this of Jimmy Butler.

  • What he said was the fact that people say he's a bad teammate or that he can't win.

  • I don't know where that's coming from.

  • Jimmy is one of the best leaders and teammates that I've ever had.

  • Obviously, it's my first year in the MBA, but the way that he goes about things and is able to lead a group of guys is incredible to me.

  • That just tell you Jimmy Butler is, and I really thought it was funny because the first day of heat practice, what time did he come in practice?

  • Was that like 10?

  • He came in at 3 30 a.

  • Oh, 3 30 Nobody does that unless name being business.

  • And I think he's really excited to be in my No one has ever questioned his work ethic or his Will Day job is getting it done.

  • So who else have you been impressed by on the heat, Of course.

  • Have to start with my fellow Nigerian Bamut, a bio like talking this team.

  • If you look at their roster there, so many surprises.

  • Bamut.

  • AbioCor Even though he was cut from Team USA, I thought I would make the team.

  • He had a lot of momentum around his name, capable of giving you triple doubles.

  • So far this season, he was Eastern Conference player of the Week.

  • His name has been into stats.

  • Closer.

  • LeBron James, the shooters.

  • Tyler hero, the highly touted rookie out of Kentucky and Duck and Duncan Robinson undrafted and then out of Michigan.

  • So these shooters have really helped balance and keep the floor space because they're kind of an undersized team.

  • But they make you pay from deep getting so much from so many unexpected sources.

  • So when you look at this team, do you see them?

  • Do you consider them a serious contender?

  • Absolutely.

  • They're the type of hard nosed team, and you talk about organizations that do it right.

  • The Miami Heat, Pat Riley, Erik Spoelstra.

  • They know what they're doing.

  • They know how to build a culture.

  • I would not want to play this team in the playoffs.

  • You saw like, most notably, they brought out that zone against Really, they're willing to do whatever it takes to win.

  • You don't want those type of problems when it comes the playoffs, you pansy fans love to hear that right tonight.

  • All right.

  • In a good mood, thanks so much for watching ESPN on YouTube from, or sports analysis and highlights.

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Let's welcome in Shinobu McKay to talk about the rise of the Miami Heat and what arise it's been.


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(Jimmy Butler has been a major key to the Heat's success - Chiney Ogwumike | SportsCenter)

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