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  • I'm feeling like a thief just into the game, and it is a three to be a great sign for the Toronto Raptors.

  • That's because he's a three point shooter.

  • 353,000 babies are born in the world every day, and on May 20th one of those babies was born to an N b A player in the middle of a historic playoff run.

  • Monday morning, I thought I had a nice day off at home in Toronto.

  • I got the card at a water broke.

  • It's been a frantic week, but no, that's what makes all this stuff working.

  • Fred VanVleet already had a daughter at home, but what he didn't know what the time is, how the arrival of Fred Jr would impact his game up to that point in the postseason, he was in a slump, averaging just four points a game, shooting 26% from the field and only 20% from three guys know I've been struggling.

  • It's not rocket science is I don't run from it.

  • I don't hear from in like I have to play better in the playoff game.

  • Since Fred Jr.

  • His averages have ballooned to more than 14 points a game, shooting 54% from the field and 55% from three.

  • There you go.

  • Yes.

  • You need those get these days.

  • I think you needed it.

  • Welcome, little Freddie for the jury to the building.

  • So I think those type of days kind of kind of relaxing, obviously had a lot going on.

  • And somehow he has been already played better on less sleep.

  • So that's the formula.

  • That's the key.

  • 00 sleep.

  • Have a lot of babies on, uh, they're let loose.

  • The Raptors sorely needed secondary shooting support for Kyle Lowry.

  • And why Leonard?

  • And they found it in the dad.

  • He wouldn't change a thing about the last couple of weeks.

  • Well, maybe one thing don't have during the playoffs plans were like July August or something like that.

  • You know, just becoming a parent has been the greatest thing that's happened to me.

  • And when I come home, they don't care about what happens.

  • Especially the newborn definitely doesn't give it down about anything other than eating and sleeping and movement.

  • So are you still like giving credit to Fred Jr?

  • No, he gets no credit.

  • I wish I could go back in time and not something wounded out that I had a kid so I could get all the glory for turning around my performance, but it has been great.

I'm feeling like a thief just into the game, and it is a three to be a great sign for the Toronto Raptors.


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弗雷德-範弗萊特的季後賽表現隨著兒子的出生而有所提高|體育中心 (Fred VanVleet's playoff performance has improved with birth of a son | SportsCenter)

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