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  • second score for 22 year old John Kallas, who is averaging 21 points and 10 rebounds a game.

  • This you've got great legs.

  • Lob credit all time.

  • They just threw it right over top.

  • Did you see Dan create his own shot off the bounce?

  • Right, Left crossover testing.

  • He's getting better for keeps getting harder to defend Straight Young Head to the free throw line with his eight first quarter points with Bam, He showed us athleticism and the ability to rebound finish at the rim.

  • But now he's actually running their offense and doing things like that.

  • Star everywhere really is extending the defense there.

  • Zonas speed and quickness shoots the gap.

  • Jimmy 6 26 left third quarter the Heat ahead by two.

  • Hit a jump shot for Dan and Bio has 10 points high.

  • Difficulty there with the tap it miss it, able to grab his 14 3 band of the game.

  • Here's band against six.

  • Standing more cunning and moving in this third quarter, this time on a left right move going.

  • But we've the legs.

  • I talked about his ball handling chops.

  • This is impressive.

  • Those Berries going after he passes the ball.

  • Trey own doing a good job using drugs.

  • Bam Booth.

  • 17 points have the ball in a three point lead in Callens.

  • Perfect Bio, who has six of his 21 points here in the final quarter.

  • It's money quarter.

  • It's the Guard skills by the big man, the quick crossover than the lean in with the left shoulder and the finish.

  • You look a Pan Butler equaled Island.

  • Crowder.

  • These are your closers, Ban.

  • Put it in a bio.

  • Been a wrecking crew here in the fourth quarter.

  • 23 points to go along with 16 rebounds with 27 gets a screen.

  • Sends it back to the Big Feller.

  • Any Berries under fire.

  • 25 points, 10 of them in the fourth quarter.

  • Young.

  • Another deep ricochets.

  • Again.

  • He delivers, putting out 1/4 quarter show.

  • He is not only scoring the ball, but he's defending the toughest guy in the floor that length.

  • Definitely a factor.

  • Train Young knows he's got to pull the ball back further to get away from Bam and then really smart Heads up.

  • Play Dollar.

  • With his career high 21 rebounds against Toronto, he's got 28 points and 17 rebounds.

  • 14 points.

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second score for 22 year old John Kallas, who is averaging 21 points and 10 rebounds a game.


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