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  • I am particularly concerned that there is no easy consensus to arrive at as toe win this national quarantine when this national locked down will come to an end.

  • And when it does, will it be a unified decision?

  • This isn't a political show, and I'm not having a political conversation.

  • Rather, I'm laying the groundwork, surveying the landscape of a decision in which sports leagues have to this decide win to come back.

  • Because if this is something where 50 different states all decided different times when business is usual resumes, how do you then have sports leagues that are scattered across this nation capable of conducting business until everyone is on the same page?

  • You see what I mean?

  • Do you guys get it?

  • Pat knew.

  • No, James, you see what I'm saying?

  • Like, how does a team based in Atlanta have a road schedule that includes traveling to states that might still be under quarantine?

  • This isn't something that professional sports leagues can take in a piecemeal approach.

  • No, and you can't.

  • What about the training and everything else that Theis league, especially someone like basketball, is going to have to decide?

  • I know Brian Wynne, horse keeps talking about it is if they want to come back, do they centralized?

  • Did they find a place that hasn't been, uh, you know, as you've gotten over the Corona virus or slow down and say, Hey, we're gonna play every day And I don't think Vegas, even though our like Omaha and I don't know if the players and the league's will be willing to do that.

  • So we would fly every N B A team into Omaha to play a Maui Invitational style tournament in college basketball for the in NBA playoffs, with no fans and all of those teams playing in one location, a bubble of basketball.

  • That's what Brian Wynne horse has talked about.

  • If you have that sound, grab that for me.

  • I want to hear his proposal because I don't know.

  • I mean, I can't be shooting ideas down because we are in uncharted waters here were completely off the playbook, and I'm just telling you, I don't know how we're gonna pull off any kind of national season in a scattered, piecemeal policy approach.

  • Here's Brian's idea.

  • They may have to go take over a college somewhere where they can take over a campus.

  • They can keep all the players and referees everything safe.

  • Keep an eye on them, feed them, get them training, let them practice.

  • Sort of create a commune of N B a basketball, put it on TV to salvage the season.

  • I think that's where we're headed.

  • I'm I'm just throwing off top of my head when I stayed Billings, Montana but ain't gonna be in New York and it ain't gonna be in L.

  • A.

  • Because you've got major issues there.

  • We have to deal with first.

  • That's what the Chinese are doing.

  • They're they're going Teoh, we were gonna go toe one city.

  • That is like, you know, a certain it's got seven million people in because it's China.

  • But like 1/3 level city, Um, it would be like, uh, because I live in Omaha will just use that as an example would be like playing games in Omaha.

  • That's what they were going to do that, But they still want to dio.

  • And that's what the reality that the NBA's looking at.

  • Okay, here's tears to challenge.

  • And I said yesterday we're all judging other people's ideas.

  • It's not good business policy is not It's not good any kind of policy to be the guy that just shoots down other people's ideas.

  • You have to come with solutions you gotta come with.

  • Yes, is not just knows, but here's a couple problems.

  • I see with that, first of all, number one that I guess this theoretically wouldn't create a hot spot.

  • And has everybody been self isolating during this entire period?

  • Like, you have no idea, really?

  • The rolling nature of if you are sick or not, right?

  • Like I have been for about ah, five or six days literally have not interacted with anybody but my family because of where I am.

  • That's easy.

  • But I would have to guess, for example, you three dudes back there you haven't been completely quarantined, right?

  • You're you're still interacting with other people, Theoretically, each time that could be rolling your 14 day cycle forward, right?

  • Yeah, absolutely.

  • We are kind of all interacting in the Bristol Studios Still No, but you're still going out to pat, right?

  • Are you doing Where would I?

  • I don't have friends.

  • Where would I go?

  • You're a millennial.

  • You you Are you in the parks?

  • That what you do in the parks.

  • You know, that conjured up so many images for me.

  • Um, but Sears, every time you interact with somebody, you were theoretically pushing your 14 day period another 14 days out, right?

  • Every time.

  • So are these Are these NBA players basketball players gonna be completely self?

  • I, citing I would gather.

  • I would guess that not many people are totally self isolating right now.

  • I mean, really quarantined, not going anywhere, not interacting with other people in a way that can make sure you are clean 14 days later.

  • And if that's the case, you bring everyone together in Omaha.

  • You got yourself a little a little problem here, right?

  • A bunch of people get each other sick.

I am particularly concerned that there is no easy consensus to arrive at as toe win this national quarantine when this national locked down will come to an end.


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