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  • Can you take us through your view of the last plan?

  • What it meant on this night for this game, for this franchise, for that ball to bounce four times and then drop, uh, my views standing in the corner.

  • So was I didn't have a really good angle on it.

  • Um, me, Why get into a spine right hand side.

  • And it was like he was getting to a spot and you got to the spot and he shot a high enough where, you know, he gave himself a chance and, um, Boston and new one.

  • And it means a lot just for us.

  • It means another step to our big goal.

  • But we got we got a team.

  • That was the number one n b A team.

  • Normally this season, I'm coming way.

  • No, we got a tough task at hand, but you know, we're preparing for we have to prepare for it and get ready to go.

  • What will you remember about the moments immediately after that shot dropped in the celebration on the court?

  • It was Goldman.

  • It was cool.

  • All the fans team everybody around.

  • It was crazy.

  • It was It was a good like emotional moment for everybody to be there and just kind of like a sigh of relief and enjoyment like, And it was It was great.

  • His wonder moments where you just is like a real life game winner.

  • Game seven.

  • They counted down.

  • We back in back home and everyone was celebrate like that.

  • It was pretty awesome.

  • Woman Rachel ready from the globe and mail call.

  • What happened to your thumb?

  • And we're how worried were you that you wouldn't be able to come back?

  • Did you know right away you'd be right back on the floor.

  • Fell popped out and popped it back in, and it kind of was loose, but I was just trying to figure out how to pass the ball.

  • Couldn't really pass the ball, get the ball.

  • But that doesn't matter.

  • I'm fine.

  • I played, We won the game.

  • Uh, we'll get some rest and try to hit a love fast.

  • Possible John here on your right.

  • Kyle, You guys lost the lead in the second quarter.

  • He lost the lead in the third quarter.

  • Lost lead in the fourth.

  • Um, did any at any point.

  • Did it feel like you were in a pretty desperate situation and especially like that third quarter where they took the lead.

  • And then you got those two offensive rebounds and then that steel.

  • Were you feeling like we're in a desperate situation right now.

  • We felt like we were desperate situation from the tip and from the game jump ball and way we didn't We didn't play well offensively.

  • We played really good defensively.

  • We got back in transition.

  • We gave up a lot of leads and we did a lot of things that we usually don't do.

  • I mean, we were only 1 1/4 Yeah, way 1 1/4 weighed a lot of things that we could have done a lot better but found a way to win the game.

  • Selanne itis anyone else.

  • Ian, go to you on the right, and then we'll take last last couple questions.

  • Call you guys know what you're getting in Milwaukee, but what jumps out at you from what you've seen from them in the post season so far, they've been pretty dominant.

  • They've been pretty dominant.

  • The honest is planned.

  • The ways plan, I think.

  • I think one of the keys is Eric Blood stuff.

  • He's been playing.

  • Unbelievable.

  • Pat Continent been playing well, they get brought back in.

  • Uh, Middleton, you know, they got a lot of weapons, and they're pretty deep, but they shoot the ball, they shoot the ball as well as anybody in the NBA on.

  • And then they got, you know, the one man fast break and the honest and got enough.

  • And I got a point guard was really, really good and physical.

  • You got George Hill coming to bench playing well, I mean, they got a lot of weapons, E, but, you know, we gotta prepare and look at every situation that we have to take advantage of and prepare every game and just go out there and do our job.

Can you take us through your view of the last plan?


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