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  • Hi, my name is Lauren Grant from the Hungry Heart

  • and today I`m talking about what to expect when you meet with a counselor for

  • emotional eating. Emotional eating stands from not developing patterns have had

  • approached food in a healthy manner.

  • We turn to food when we are stressed or anxious,

  • tired, overwhelmed for happy and

  • looking for awarding an escape from uncomfortable thought or feeling

  • so we may have grown up in an unsuccessful family system

  • in me and I felt safe and sound in the world. So we have learned to turn to food

  • to fill an emotional boy

  • and unfortunately the food never fills that void

  • but we keep trying in order to be successful in overcoming emotional

  • eating we need to learn how to take care of ourselves and more productive ways

  • we learn to identify need and meet them

  • and recognize that we can be your own best friend and give ourselves love and

  • support unconditionally

  • so we can overcome emotionally eating in Pine happiness and Valentina lives

  • and it helps to have a strong support system so look for cancer program that

  • specializes in working with emotional being client

  • see camp counselors who have overcome their own issues with people

  • you can empathize with the challenges you are facing and whether you working

  • with the council face to face

  • via Skype or over the phone he can overcome your struggle with pool

  • to the keys to working with the right professionals their counselor walked in

  • your shoes

  • are living proof that there is life on the other side in this trial

  • if we can do this then so can you

Hi, my name is Lauren Grant from the Hungry Heart


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情緒化飲食的諮詢 (Counseling For Emotional Eating)

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