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  • Stephen A.

  • We discussed briefly on first take yesterday, you and I the possibility that it would come to this.

  • What is your reaction this morning?

  • It's not surprising.

  • It's relatively predictable when you consider the Mo mentum that was really swelling over the last couple of days or so you knew.

  • Based on the meetings yesterday when Wendy and I were talking about it and Jay and I were talking about it off the and what have you.

  • You knew that the second the commissioner was on the phone with the owners and owners were contemplating not playing games in front of fans or potentially canceling games.

  • You knew the 2nd 1 single player tested positive.

  • This was going to go down.

  • And so I have no problem with the NBA's decision.

  • I agree with Jay.

  • How they could have.

  • They could have active more expeditiously to some degree, but ultimately they've done a good job.

  • I think they made the right decision in suspending this season.

  • It's the right thing to do, and I gotta be honest with you.

  • You know, I think I heard Charles Barkley said that everybody needs to be tested before the Games are to resume.

  • I mean, every single player, every single coach, every single, every single individual associate it with the games need to be tested.

  • Before you allow gay, you allow play to resume.

  • That's just my opinion on it.

  • Even medium and even many media members.

  • Yes, yes, I would say, Let's to what do you think about college basketball?

  • So you have double determine.

  • We talk about testing, right?

  • But how do you have access to testing?

  • And that's it.

  • That's a question for all these, all these young men and women out there who are competing for the universe.

  • I think in some respects today would be the day You don't want toe really go off one anybody.

  • But I I can't even put in the words the level of restraint I'm exercising by not going off on the double A.

  • So you got individual schools that are canceling events or what have you?

  • But the N C double A wants us to continue to go ahead.

  • And what is that?

  • Games are taking place.

  • Not that he's going to go off.

  • There were no What are you thinking about?

  • What do you think about how many times have we accused them of exploiting young athletes?

  • How many times have we accused him of getting over?

  • How many examples have we pointed out?

  • Not just for days, months, years, decades where we look at the exploitive tendencies of the N C.

  • Double A.

  • And here you are, the day after paid multi millionaires have been have been banned from playing basketball and being in congested environments, and they're getting paid.

  • You got kids out here that ain't getting a damn dime, but you're gonna put them out there and tell them to go ahead.

  • And schools are closed.

  • Schools, schools.

  • We'll start having right.

  • Yes, it does make it a sense of the term that many are using is called distance learning something.

  • My daughter is a college.

  • Doesn't I know this that she's coming home?

  • She will not be in school for at least three weeks after her spring break.

  • Ins and many other colleges and universities across the country, including many who are participating in the tournament I'm doing exactly that have distance learning in hand, hand combat when you're complaining there's no distance basketball, so they make.

  • We've always talked about how the N.

  • C.

  • double A uses March Madness.

  • They really make their money awful March Madness when it comes to college basketball.

  • So clearly that's what this is about.

  • You almost come across like you don't give a damn what happens to the student athlete.

  • I'm not saying they feel that way.

  • I'm talking about a you know, optics.

  • This is how it looks.

  • It is disgraceful.

  • And I'm just gonna be a that Dustin.

  • That's the nicest I'm going to be about them.

  • Charles Barkley was on the show earlier, and he agrees with exactly what you just said.

  • Did you hear what he has done here?

  • But again, he was basically saying And greeny, you can encapsulate this as well.

  • But he was basically saying that they should go ahead and cancel it and that, you know, CBS should give all the money back to the won't go that far.

  • I wouldn't go with the word cancellation.

  • I would say suspend, postpone, Do that because you never know they get in a couple of weeks of So this could be a significantly better situation.

  • So I wouldn't be as drastic as what Charles Barkley said in terms of just cancelling, get rid of it because you know what made madness would be just as interesting as watchman.

  • He's office trademarking that name.

  • Would you say that I called my lawyer, but he's self.

Stephen A.


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