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  • we are here live at Lakers Media Day.

  • And that man you see on your screen is joining us here, eh?

  • NBA champion.

  • Four time All Star point guard for today and every day.

  • John.

  • Rhonda.

  • Welcome.

  • Thank you.

  • Im not greeting you that I really only that I don't need that.

  • Look, this team has changed so much since we left you last.

  • What was it like going through this summer?

  • When you and I talked at the last game of the season?

  • You weren't sure?

  • If you're gonna be on this team again this year, take us through getting Anthony Davis and what everything's been like for you.

  • Um, it's been a crazy summer, but most part of great summer.

  • Nonetheless, as far as coming back this organization with additions that we made that we added this year, I'm extremely excited about what we have this upcoming season.

  • Last year during that stretch, the where LeBron got injured and a lot of people never really paid attention.

  • You got injured in the exact same game and we talked about this.

  • You finished off the game.

  • You guys beat the warriors and then you go down.

  • Bron goes down and the team obviously completely changed.

  • Now, with Koosman out to start the season, you know, Are you guys just kind of like having these conversations about how to just work together in a way, when guy when you're a little bit more short handed?

  • Is that a discussion that you guys are having?

  • Well, I think we're pretty deep in every position.

  • So, unlike last year, things weren't as consistent as far as our rotation and consistent play that we had.

  • So this year, in particular, I think starting the season off, right, one of two guys out.

  • But for the most part, like I said, we're pretty deep in every position.

  • How do you think the offense looks this year in L.

  • A with a dear, When you envision the team playing, do you picture a fast paced, slow pace inside out of what you picture fast pace.

  • I think we're gonna take pride of defense, and that's going to get us out on the break.

  • We'll be able to get stops and clean up the glass.

  • We've got Anthony Davis here waiting in the wings and the eyes of YouTube.

  • Reuniting is what only me the most fun story lines of this season.

  • Why did you to want to play together again?

  • Well, I had a lot of success, obviously, with one of the firm.

  • Sure.

  • Pretty sure.

  • A first ballot Hall of Famer.

  • Ah, fun guy, willing listener.

  • And, like, said he could do it all in the court.

  • I haven't played with a guy this exciting since.

  • Probably Kevin Garnett.

  • That could do all and do the intangibles and make a difference on both ends of the court.

  • What should we ask him when he comes on in the next segment, I want you to give us some inside scoop so I can go ask him.

  • Is it gonna win?

  • Defense played here.

  • All right.

  • I like that.

  • You challenge the Gotland hammer.

  • John Rhonda, Thank you so much for joining us, sir.

  • We will see you out on the court.

  • Thanks so much for watching ESPN on YouTube from or sports analysis and highlights.

we are here live at Lakers Media Day.


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我是一個很好的朋友,我很喜歡他,我很喜歡他,我很喜歡他。 (Rajon Rondo on Anthony Davis: I haven’t played with a guy this exciting since Garnett | The Jump)

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