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  • I have an update on the health.

  • Kevin Durant Keeping moving or hit the brakes?

  • Brakes?

  • Take a look at this encouraging video from the Brooklyn Nets practice facility That is none other than Kevin Durant.

  • Guess what he's doing.

  • He is running.

  • Jalen, what does this tell you about the status of Kevin Durant?

  • Also good football pro.

  • That that's very encouraging is great to see him up, right, whether it's with a football, what a basketball.

  • I don't anticipate like everybody, obviously, that he played this year for obvious reasons.

  • But it's great to see him running, and that lets us noted his rehab seems to be taking its course.

  • He did look a little like Jimmy G overthrowing receivers in that, though a little bit like Jimmy Chan 1/4 quarter for a second.

  • Let me lay off Jimmy G.

  • Though Jalen.

  • I also have video of LeBron James that I really want to show you.

  • He moved here to face the break.

  • I love this video so much.

  • First of all, I get active on Tic Tac.

  • It's just too popular now, but he's LeBron in this son dancing at the house, and you know what as a dad just makes me so had because you know what, you know who loves this.

  • This son Price this on.

  • Bryce loves this.

  • Jalen, what does this show you about?

  • LeBron James Off the court, it is true, the character and personality, and it's great to see him being the father, spending quality time with his son and also doing what the cool kids do.

  • LeBron James is an entrepreneur's well, and tic tac is the new thing that the kids are excited about.

  • So he's helping his son gets to get his followers up to that.

  • That's all it is, all great.

  • That's really what it is.

  • Prices.

  • I had dad do this video cause if you do this video, I was going to take time.

  • So you know what Shots for sacrifice.

  • You look a little bit corner doing the dance for his son.

  • Love that video shot to LeBron.

  • You're a loyal fan of your Detroit Pistons, but if you listen this show or watch this show, you know I'm a die easy fan like, I'll jump on a bandwagon, jump off the bandwagon real quick.

  • You know what?

  • I'm off the New York Knicks the news came in yesterday, the New York Knicks have parted ways with Steve Mills, But not only that, there was follow up news that they were looking to replace him.

  • With who?

  • Messiah you, Jerry.

  • Here's the problem.

  • My guys Messiah.

  • Cherries under contract and he's happy.

  • Nothing's going anywhere.

  • I understand how you can understand why you could part ways with Steve Mills.

  • The team has been terrible under his, you know, under his guidance for the last seven or eight years.

  • But I don't understand how the news the next news is.

  • We want Messiah.

  • You, Jerry, when with side of Jerry is not just under contract somewhere else, happily under contract somewhere else.

  • What is going on with the New York Knicks?

  • So I got a plan for New York Knicks fans, and sometimes happiness is right in front of you, and you may not even appreciate it, and it's not even going to cost you a blank check to do it.

  • It's not even going to cost you a blank check to do exit Steve meals.

  • They should allow Scott Perry toe actually make basketball decisions.

  • Oh, I saw the fine print of the release that said that he's gonna be the GM for the foreseeable future.

  • Now, of course, you want is many great people at their jobs in one place is possible.

  • And if you are able to land Masai with a blank check to come to New York toe, oversee all basketball, be the president, you're still going to need the GM, and he's right there in front of you in Scott Perry.

  • So it's gonna be interesting to see how that dynamic plays out.

  • But only one person decides.

  • That's James Dolan.

  • Well, I've got advice for Knicks fans as well.

  • That was very well put in smart, and I like what you did there.

  • But my advice for Knicks fans just become Nets fans.

  • U K D run around.

  • You know, we've been Barclays a really good time out there, just becoming that it has become a die easy bed over the Brooklyn Nets that I did.

  • I would Brooklyn Nets fan right now.

  • Sorry, MSG.

I have an update on the health.


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