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  • was the 70 Sixers as a organization going to dock salary employees by 20% during the Cove in 19 Pandemic and then Joel Embiid?

  • Would Joelle do a 1 80?

  • Embiid decided, donate half a 1,000,000 bucks for employees to the employees to get through this.

  • And now the 76 years are walking this back, according to ESPN Adrian Ward Janowski Basically saying, Boy, do we look foolish now?

  • And they're going to be covering everything from these employees, so there will not be a pay cut for those who are basically stuck in the middle of this through no fault of their own.

  • Well, listen, ever.

  • Everybody is in a different situation where you talk to sports business, there's other business.

  • This is this is part of a situation to work.

  • We are we sitting there telling how a company should spend their money, you know, I mean that.

  • And I know there are a $1,000,000,000 company.

  • I get it, but we tell other people Don't don't don't tell that person how to spend their money, you know, this is what the 70 Sixers wanted to do.

  • They're not alone.

  • There's a lot of other companies that are that are doing this that are having their players or their employees furloughed or going on employment You'd like you'd love every owner of every business to pay everybody until this ends, right?

  • I mean, we would all love that, but for some it's not feasible.

  • But we look at the $1,000,000,000 owners of these franchises, and we say you should be doing it.

  • And a lot of cases they can maybe in some case they can.

  • I don't know their books, but they're always gonna lose.

  • Certainly in the court of public opinion, when that says, when you have a B after your name and you want a sports franchise that you should be making sure your $30,000 a year employees are taken care of as well.

  • Yeah, it's It's a the Sixers air guilty of trying to do business like you do business in real life and not during what's going on right now.

  • Correct.

  • Here's the deal.

  • Okay.

  • Uh, Josh Harris, who owns Harris Blitzer Sports, is worth $3.9 billion.

  • Michael Rubin is worth $2.9 billion they admit it.

  • I mean, I'll give the Sixers credit.

  • They released a statement to ESPN basically saying, We messed up after listening to our staff and players.

  • It's clear that was the wrong decision.

  • Deciding to cut people's salaries, we have reversed it and will be paying these employees their full salary.

  • Josh Sarah's Hair said.

  • This is an extraordinary time in the world, unlike any most of us have ever lived through before.

  • An ordinary business issues.

  • Junior to your point, are not going to meet the moment to our staff and fans.

  • I apologize for getting this got bullied into it like that.

  • That's an opponent apology.

  • That's great, but it's scripted out of the playbook of We got bullied into you guys doing exactly what you want.

  • Now I saw Mike Ryan from LeBatard Show Tweet this yesterday.

  • Usually that kind of mob mentality online bullying is really kind of like, messy and problematic and not always a good thing here because it ends up taking care of a bunch of people we look at.

  • It is a net positive in this because life is different when everyone knows how much you make right well, that is true for people in our industry that is true for athletes, and it sure as hell is true for billionaire owners of teams like you are judged according to a different set of circumstances.

  • When everybody who watches your industry knows how much you are worth and knows how much money you make, you have a B at the end of their name, your almost almost a short but by the public that says, Hey, you should take the hit on the chin toe and lose $1,000,002.

  • But the person making 30,000 or 50,000 years shouldn't have to take it on the chin.

  • And none of us would sit there and say and disagree with that, right?

  • But, you know, in this situation, I agree.

  • They they definitely got bullied into the scene because it's a all these companies are gonna lose millions and millions of dollars, but because we know what they make that we say.

  • Okay, well, you should take the hit on millions because you'll stand still have tens of millions thousands of millions left, and these people you don't need their money.

  • Well, this is the interesting part, and I forget who brought this up.

  • If it was woes or somebody else.

  • They probably thought they were going to get a PR win off of this because they worked laying off a bunch of people they were.

  • So it's and we have sound from my ward and ask you is on SportsCenter with SBP last night and talked about why Joe Hair, Josh Harris and the Sixers ownership changed their mind.

  • I think the miscalculation in Philly was that they thought the headline might be Philly Owners are going to have to lay anybody off.

  • They're going to allow everyone to keep their benefits when in fact the headline is on.

  • Owner worth approximately $4 billion is asking his employees to take pay cut and the pushback internally because those who are under contract in Philly they didn't have to agree to it that had a volunteer to do it.

  • And a Zai was told earlier in the day, The coaching staff members of the front office, you know, who don't even know if they're going to have jobs at the end of the season based on how this six or team performs are like we're gonna get back 20% of our salary when we all might just be walking out the door at the end of the season.

  • What We're not ready to do that.

  • And the six or ownership group on?

  • Obviously, this was a part of something they did with the Devils to who they owned in the NHL.

  • They reversed course.

  • They apologized to their fans to their employees, and no one is going to take a reduction.

  • Now, I wonder aloud amidst all of this, what the cost benefit analysis of good will is going to bay because that's essentially what you're weighing here, right?

  • Like the way that you operate your business amidst this right now, from a financial standpoint, I'm sure is going to cause we don't how long this last is going to dictate the health of your company coming out of this.

  • But also how much especially for sports organizations that are such a public thing, right, Like the way we deal with them, their crowds, their people, their fans, that these living breathing organisms like the goodwill that you display by making sure you what people here, all demons, do the right thing and make sure these people are taking care of Do people remember that on the other side that's happening at the small business level that's happening at the level of teams like this.

  • How much is that worth your organization to show people?

  • Not You're not being bullied into doing right thing, but teams that just come out like Mark Cuban right out of a fascinating case study in this for the other side of this, how does Mark Cuban and the Mavs benefit from being leaders in this and being seen as people that were on top of doing the right thing without anyone forcing them to?

  • I'm fascinated to watch that, because that seems to be in addition to wanting to do the humane thing, which we don't often associate with organizations because their groups, they're not individual people.

  • And the reason you're bringing that up for people that may not remember as soon as the N B.

  • A announced they were suspending their season, one of the first things out of Mark Cuban's mouth was, We've got to make sure we take care of those hourly employees who rely quite frankly on these games being played so they can feed their fan.

  • And that's something you see right away from leaders of their companies, right?

  • Is that hey and there?

  • These are smart people, understand cost analysis that says, we know we're going to take a hit on the chin, but we're helping these people, and you get it right out of the gate instead of going the other way and then say, Oh, while publicly, this doesn't look good for us.

  • So we have to reverse its those guys that right out of the gate like them are Cubans of the world, said, You know what?

  • Number one?

  • We take care of our employees.

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was the 70 Sixers as a organization going to dock salary employees by 20% during the Cove in 19 Pandemic and then Joel Embiid?


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