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  • Rudy Go Bare doesn't believe that players will join in on the fever games.

  • Thanks Toa how the modern MBA works via The New York Times, he said, quote.

  • I wish all the best players were come, but it's never gonna happen.

  • They think about themselves more than anything.

  • And it's understandable, he says.

  • It's a business.

  • We all have families to take care of.

  • Dave, Do you agree with Go barren?

  • His reasoning there?

  • Absolutely, David Stern told Marc Spears similar things.

  • The fact that when they moved it to back the back summers, it really took a lot of guys out of contention.

  • Given 82 game season, a postseason international summer that another 82 game season.

  • A postseason eight in the international summer.

  • It's too much, right?

  • But I think that's more about I think the timing was not just having it right before the Olympic year, right before the season.

  • Federal scheduled this World Cup to be three weeks before and it and it's ah, it's a tough sale.

  • I was in China this summer with Lynn Mary's while it's Jason Kidd and we was over promoting feeble and trying to, you know, promote the game.

  • But the thing is, is that the guy Fever feels that Nike is holding back on all of the great superstars and why the best players not playing in the fever?

  • But they haven't created that experience, and they probably will never be able to create the experience that you experience playing in Olympics.

  • I mean, you hear Steph Curry say that he wants to experience the Olympics, and I think that's what all the NBA players want to experience Playing for fever is not at the top of their pick.

  • Inal Olympic Village.

  • Yeah, No, Absolutely.

  • So let's hear that bite from Steph Curry.

  • This is part of my conversation.

  • Will you be with Team USA when they go to Tokyo next summer to try for that Olympic gold mouth?

  • That is a plan for sure.

  • No, I was not going with you.

  • You're committing.

  • You're willing.

  • You're gonna go.

  • Definitely want to go.

  • That's something that I've never experienced.

  • I've never been on the Liberty, have been on to World World Cup championship gold medal teams, but the Olympics experience that want next year we will hopefully be turned to me after that.

  • By the way he said.

  • That's going straight to Jerry Colangelo's inbox.

  • I'm sure, Scotty, do you think that Steph getting out there right in front and saying he wants to go will influence other top players who want to go?

  • For sure, I think all the top players will return, because when it comes down to winning the goal, the players always want to prove that you end.

  • Estates is the best in basketball, so you can expect the superstars to show up.

  • Well, here's an idea for you.

  • So Draymond Green's also already said he wants to play.

  • You have Steph, you have dreamin.

  • Why not get Katie have a Warriors Union way?

  • Teoh.

  • Look, I'm all for MBA players going to the Olympics, and it's a great experience.

  • Katie coming off of that Achilles recovery year.

  • I don't know if he needs You love basketball.

  • We'll see.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

Rudy Go Bare doesn't believe that players will join in on the fever games.


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