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  • So let's bring in ESPN.

  • NBC reporter Kevin Artemus joining us live from Milwaukee.

  • So, you know, when we heard about load management, we laughed This year.

  • Now we see quiets playing.

  • It's paying off.

  • Are there some in the n B A that are concerned that others might follow his lead?

  • Right?

  • This is a fascinating question.

  • What is the professional Sports league do when the players and teams in it have determined, based on the best science available, that by sitting out games during the regular season, they have the best chance to win when it matters most?

  • And this is a real conflict?

  • Yeah, And you know, the other part of this is Adam Silver has talked about how he's never quite comfortable with this.

  • He started to throw around different ideas like a shortened season.

  • Or maybe in season tournaments.

  • Could that pick up any steam based on what we're seeing?

  • Well, right, he's uncomfortable cause it's a very uncomfortable conversation cause what you're basically would say to 30 owners who were in the business of making money.

  • Hey, you know, maybe six or seven fewer home revenue dates for you so that we can preserve the quality of the product, and this is the great tension.

  • You know, you don't want to goto a Monday night game in March in Orlando and have the place be dead and and the guys you paid to see who only come in once a year aren't playing.

  • But on the other hand, you know you also want to preserve the quality of the product.

  • You know that the NFL has a special sauce for a reason, and a minute is is that all the games matter?

  • Everybody's playing.

  • There's almost playoff intensity, and this is a question the league's really gonna have to grapple with.

  • And it's uncomfortable because it's it's pitting product quality against revenue, and we'll see what they end up doing about.

  • In the meantime, the Raptors have a job do tonight, trying to take one from Milwaukee in Milwaukee.

  • You talked about the Kawai effect.

  • What identity does this team need?

  • Tohave toe win This pivotal game five, right?

  • I mean, you know, the funny thing about the Raptors is we tend to forget they have four distinguished defenders who have one.

  • Either defensive player of the year have been on all India defenses and then also passed the Siachen.

  • We might be better than all of them this year defensively, So this is really a rugged defensive team.

  • We tend to forget that with quiet dominating in the half court and so far is the quiet effect.

  • What that basically means is when you have a superstar like a top five guy like Kawai, that means you get the transcendent performances.

  • And we've seen those 35 point games you talked about.

  • But it also means that they attract so much attention in the half court that it opens up these opportunities for everybody else.

  • And that's been the great tension for the Raptors is these guys have open shots?

  • Can they hit them?

  • And in games three or four, the answer is emphatically, Yes, and there's going to be need to be more in that.

  • Kyle Lowry was really assertive in a game for everybody.

  • Loved that on the Toronto side.

  • Mark Assault wasn't afraid to shoot.

  • Norm Powell got 13 3 point attempts and hit four of them.

  • And so that's really the Kawai effect.

  • It's Kawai in the half court, just attracting all the attention of the defense and other people making plays when the opportunity presents itself.

  • Yeah, even by attracting that attention, the great ones make the other one's better.

  • Kevin, Thank you.

So let's bring in ESPN.


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