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  • I'm in Toronto right now.

  • There's another rappers whose beginning a lot of conversations about his antics at the game and that's drink.

  • I don't know if you've got a chance to see him.

  • Do you think about his enthusiasm for his Raptors?

  • I'm feeling feeling I'm on the same page with branching off, lease it out.

  • The league actually reached out and said that they kind of wanted to tone it down.

  • They reached out to the Raptors.

  • Do you think that they should even be allowed to leave?

  • Need to fall back.

  • I mean fear for first of all, it's so you famously you do is you want to do you at the game courtside.

  • You who you is, figure you're gonna feel how you feel.

  • You're going express.

  • That's what they did.

  • I'm expressing myself Good period.

  • Well, um, we did some research and you could hope yourself.

  • We've got some footage.

  • Jalen, I want you to watch this man's game because I was like, let me see what this guy looks like on the court.

  • What do you think about watches?

  • OK, Flash.

  • He looked like Derek Fisher off there.

  • That's unedited.

  • Teoh edited.

  • That's one clip splashing the game with Theo.

  • The Lakers got used to this year.

  • Yes, they definitely could use me.

  • LeBron Giants.

  • Holla at your boy.

  • What was it like working out with Chris?

  • Prickly.

  • Oh, no.

  • You for me, it was good.

  • It was fate when I pulled up because hard, Hard was up in there working out hard on Carmelo.

  • So I pulled up and I'm seeing a put upon them, and then I just got a little session in, but no bro's You feeling broke at me?

  • Some game?

  • For sure.

  • I like lows.

  • You only had a workout week.

  • I'm sending a rapper and then he telling me the list.

  • And I'm like, who out of all of us?

  • Who?

  • The one on when he like you equate like the one I'm like.

  • I beg you to lefties.

  • Hey, it was last time you played.

  • You still out there to the left piece?

  • You if you can't Gorgeous stop.

  • Oh, last time, I hope I cried like a month ago.

  • Mother going l a k j So I also know that you're in o k c Thunder fan Russell Westbrook, just like yourself, puts on for his hometown represented to the fullest.

  • So much soldier.

  • He had an amazing tribute to your brother, the late, great Nipsey Hustle pictured over your left shoulder.

  • And he had a game where he had 2020 and 21 in tribute.

  • So being a Thunder fans and knowing about that game and getting the opportunity to pay homage to your fallen brother, how do you feel about that as it related to Russell's performance?

  • But more importantly, I just want to give you a chance to spread some positive words about your brother.

  • Oh, first off, long later.

  • How magnificent.

  • Hustler.

  • Great big bro.

  • We love you.

  • Um, I'm me Russell deal with will work like Russell did what he was supposed to do.

  • Russell.

  • Deal.

  • What?

  • I feel like I knew Russell was gonna do something because he really had a real relationship with hip.

  • Really?

  • From l.

  • A.

  • He really be on his l a tip.

  • So it's like I knew both brothers gonna do some Not a get you fed me.

I'm in Toronto right now.


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