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  • I'm scared of Corona virus because it's very contagious.

  • In most countries, this is how Corona virus cases look like higher, higher and higher.

  • It looks impossible to stop, but there is one country that put an end to Corona virus and made it completely flat entirely by itself.

  • And no one is talking enough about this country.

  • This is the story of Taiwan.

  • One of the closest countries to China, but surprisingly, one with very little Coronavirus.

  • In Taiwan, only 429 people got infected.

  • Only six people died, and for the last 17 days, zero local cases were reported zero.

  • And best of all, Taiwan did not lock down the country.

  • The schools remained open, shops remained open and the economy remained open.

  • Even sports events continue, but without the fans, because people were social distancing.

  • In Taiwan, people took this very seriously from the beginning, and everybody did their part to wear mask and social distance.

  • This'll is impressive, but not surprising.

  • Taiwan was one off the first demand flights from Wuhan, the first to test people, the first to take Corona virus seriously before anyone else did.

  • And here's the crazy part.

  • All of this they did alone.

  • Most nations do not recognize Taiwan as a country, and the world health organization doesn't either for political reasons, which means that they don't get much help from other countries during this tragedy.

  • Yet despite that, they succeeded and beat Corona virus alone, and now they're helping other countries do it, too.

  • They shipped 17 million masks to the United States, to Europe, to the Philippines, to Japan and even to the small island nation of Fiji.

  • Yes, FIJI!

  • Even though we may not be recognized as a country, we're still a part of the global community, and we're here to help.

  • Taiwan can help.

  • It's easy to lose hope when you look at the world map and look at the infection rates.

  • But at least for this minute, look at Taiwan.

  • No local infections, no outbreak, no panic and no lock down.

  • Hi, I am Tsai Ing-wen.

  • President of Taiwan, and the first woman president of Taiwan.

  • Taiwan is a free, democratic open, an amazing place.

  • Not many people recognize Taiwan as a country because of politics, but this time everyone should recognize Taiwan as a hero.

I'm scared of Corona virus because it's very contagious.


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為什麼這個國家是冠狀病毒英雄? (Why This Country is a Coronavirus Hero)

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