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  • This'll is Sheinin.

  • Hi, I'm Sheinin and I gave birth to this child.

  • If you lost your faith in humanity, this baby will restore it.

  • Shannon is the friend of Shanti.

  • Shanti is a two time cancer survivor.

  • And because of that, I can't have kids for the rest of my life.

  • So Shannon volunteered to have a baby for her.

  • After nine months pregnancy, a surgery sack evaluation.

  • Time off for monthly doctor visits.

  • I'd 75 shots with a three inch needle.

  • Sheinin gave birth to shot these kid.

  • Now Abraham is part of our family.

  • She did old above four free, no money involved.

  • Expecting nothing in return.

  • Making her mom is the reward.

  • This person put her life on the line to give the gift off life toe another family.

  • This is the most beautiful form of human kinds.

This'll is Sheinin.


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這將使你快樂 (This Will Make You Happy)

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