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  • meet 50 and Eunice.

  • Hey, Well, this'll is an incredible story of Jackie unions who almost killed each other without even knowing each other.

  • 44 years ago you served in the Greek Army, and on his last day in the Army he was called to battle.

  • And in that battle, Yannis was shutting the handed by 50 in the Turkish army.

  • I don't but yeah, it's went to the hospital and live.

  • And 34 years later he wrote about his story in a book.

  • That book made its way defecting and surprise.

  • The same guy he shot was alive.

  • He called the panics, asking for forgiveness and Yanis for game political conflict in Cyprus that made these two guys fighting a war.

  • But now they're fighting for something better piece, meaning.

meet 50 and Eunice.


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他們幾乎互相殘殺 (They Almost Killed Each Other)

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