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  • the following video is about a guy who is crazy enough to build a university that is designed to fit AH, 100 million students.

  • But why 100 million?

  • First, let me tell you what the problem is in the world.

  • There are 100 million students that cannot go toe any university, no matter how motivated, smart or intelligent.

  • 100 million students right now don't get to go toe any classroom because they have no money.

  • It's too expensive or there is no space for them.

  • This is the sad reality off our world where money is holding people from getting quality education.

  • Then I met this guy.

  • Hi, my name's shisha.

  • He tells me over the phone that he found a way to give 100 million people and education when I heard that my friend and I thought he was crazy.

  • But turns out he's not.

  • Here is the step by step process of how this guy is building what could be the world's cheapest and biggest universe.

  • It's very simple.

  • The university buildings cost money.

  • You don't buy them, you make it all.

  • Online professors cost money so you don't hire you, make them volunteers the tuition.

  • You don't charge textbooks, you'll make them available for free online.

  • You charge $100 per example for me, and if you can't pay, then it's free.

  • And the university?

  • You name it.

  • University off the people.

  • This guy did all of the above.

  • His university has no buildings, professors, textbooks or tuition.

  • It's all online run by volunteers and is fully accredited, just like any American university.

  • And it's designed to be open for everyone.

  • And it worked.

  • 7000 professors and academics from Harvard and Columbia and everywhere reached out to volunteer for this.

  • University foundations reached out to donate money, and thousands of students reached out to attend from all around the world like this student.

  • Hi, my name is Dale.

  • In time from Armenia, from his home with his dog, he can get a computer science degree from an American level university that can lead him to a great job without paying a single.

  • Though you don't see this every day, he's not the only one.

  • Syrian refugees, genocide survivors, homeless people stay at home moms and many others who couldn't pay a fortune for education from 200 countries join his university after educating 15,000 students.

  • His goal is to build a system that works for 100 million more, and nothing could make me happier.

  • This guy had a vision to make education free for everyone, and the rest of the world volunteered to help him make it a reality.

  • They are making education a human right and not a privilege.

  • If you educate one person, you can change your life.

  • But if you educate many, you can change the world.

  • Not many people think big, but those who do are the ones that truly, truly change the world for the better.

  • We are trying, we're trying.

the following video is about a guy who is crazy enough to build a university that is designed to fit AH, 100 million students.


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他是如何讓大學......幾乎免費的! (How He Made University… Almost Free!)

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