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  • As you know, I spent four years at Harvard University to get my degree.

  • And if you ask me, what do you remember from your studies?

  • I would honestly, honestly say I don't remember much, because when I learned I learned in a classroom from a teacher for an exam, that's important.

  • But it's not the most effective weight.

  • That's why I went around the world to Madagascar, Ecuador, Cyprus to learn about the world, not from a classroom, but for real life.

  • And that educational trip starts in the most unlikely place to learn from in the world the back of a bus.

  • Here's a crazy idea.

  • If you take the world's most popular Mac Africa, it's smaller than Canada, and Madagascar is just a tiny island.

  • But the map you're looking at is wrong, because in reality, Africa is much bigger than Canada.

  • The's naps were made by Europeans for Europeans.

  • Were the sides off Russia, Europe and Canada is enlarged, and the size of Africa is shrunk Just so.

  • The whole matter if it's on paper, which means when I lean and I tried to cross a tiny map distance Madagascar.

  • In reality, it's much bigger to cross that you need 123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 hours.

  • That's why it's nice Right now.

  • Africa is bigger than you think it is, and Russia is smaller than you think it is because even the maps favor the West and leave out the rest.

  • That's one minute.

  • See you tomorrow from Madagascar.

  • Next up, global warming.

  • You hear a lot about this subject in the news and in the classroom.

  • My whole life growing up, it was hard for me to believe that a couple of degree changes will affect anything or anyone.

  • That's what I thought until I went to visit the Galapagos Islands in the country off quickly.

  • We as I stand here in the Galapagos Islands, I can't help but think of how humans up nature.

  • These islands have existed for millions of years, developing a wildlife you can't see anywhere else in the world until humans came with their cars, cities, dogs, chicken cats and rats.

  • Animals killed the peaceful wildlife and humans took over their homes here and everywhere, humans are destroying wildlife.

  • Men made climate change will affect water temperatures on these islands, just by a few degrees.

  • And these extra degrees will kill Marine who so marine animals can no longer find food.

  • These marine iguanas, the only ones in the world, could starve to death.

  • And I'm not even mentioning the human island that could be gone because of climate change.

  • Look, don't become vegetarian and don't turn off electricity.

  • All I'm asking of you is this.

  • Just be mindful of nature.

  • That's one minute See tomorrow.

  • That's all good.

  • But the most important thing to learn in the world is not from animals, bus rides or continents is from humans and from to humans in Cyprus, I learned a lot about forgiveness.

  • Meet 50 unions.

  • Well, kids, this is an incredible story of funky onions who almost killed each other without even knowing each other.

  • 44 years ago, you served in the Greek army, and on his last day in the Army he was called to battle, and in that battle, Yannis was shut in the hand by 50 in the Turkish army.

  • I don't but yet it's went to the hospital and live, and 34 years later he wrote about his story in a book.

  • That book made its way defecting and surprise.

  • The same guy he shot was alive.

  • He called the panics, asking for forgiveness.

  • And he forgave him.

  • Political conflict in Cyprus that made these two guys fighting a war.

  • But now they're fighting for something better.

  • Piece that smooth day.

  • Education is important.

  • If I could live life again, I'd still go to Harvard and I still get my degree.

  • I loved it, but I would also remember that education comes in many shapes and forms, the maps of the world from a bus ride, global warming from an island and forgiveness from soldiers.

  • All of these are lessons that you learn in real life and that that is something you can never forget.

As you know, I spent four years at Harvard University to get my degree.


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