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  • do not try this at home Today, I'm going to take a water bottle, modify it and place it on the table to drip water.

  • Drop by drop on my forehead.

  • This seems like a harmless exercise, because this is just a drop of water.

  • But each of these droplets of water represent a small, tiny annoyance that can be easily ignored, like in the bathroom.

  • Finding the toilet seat up.

  • That's not a life threatening problem, but it's a small annoyance that can be fixed like that.

  • A drop of water could also be when your friend steals your fries.

  • It's a small annoyance that doesn't kill anybody, and you can just let it go.

  • But this is where it gets interesting.

  • After two hours of sitting like this, you physically won't be able to take it anymore.

  • You and me will go in San from the constant water drops, especially if they're cold, and I'm not the only one.

  • This'd is what is known as Chinese water torture.

  • People used this method to torture others.

  • That's how effective small droplets of water can be.

  • You see what I'm getting at small stress points, small droplets of water when sustained over a period of time can be quite powerful.

  • I noticed that in my commitment to making videos every day, after 790 days of everyday work, I'm starting to collapse from small droplets of water.

  • The smallest things like how my desktop is quartered with video files like the I letter on my keyboard that needs a firm press for my laptop to recognize it like the slow response rate, this editing software.

  • After 790 days, all of this contrive you insane in my relationship.

  • It's also the same thing, something as simple as taking your picture for Instagram when she asked me to do it five times over a day.

  • After a year, I go crazy who might take a picture when I step on her foot once it's OK.

  • But when I do it five days in a row every day, this'll is a big deal.

  • These fights can sometimes ruin our whole day and for a strain on our relationship, I'm ready right now.

  • Very few people are sitting like that, getting tortured in 1/15 century technique without their control.

  • But many people are breaking down because of water droplets that are We did their control, including me.

  • As we focus on fixing the biggest problems of our lives, like our careers and our jobs and our relationship.

do not try this at home Today, I'm going to take a water bottle, modify it and place it on the table to drip water.


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