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  • hi.

  • If you are gay, you have a disease.

  • Something is wrong with you and you need to be fixed.

  • That's the mentality I was brought up with back in the Middle East, and that's the mentality of a large portion off the world.

  • That's why I'm showing you with this place Castro neighborhood in San Francisco.

  • It's the gay capital off the world where the vast majority of people here are gay.

  • As much as people expect this place to be a 24 7 Gatorade's, it's not real.

  • Castro is as normal as it gets with normal people, normal friendships, normal churches, normal, patriotic and better than normal friendliness.

  • If you still have the old mentality against the people, this video probably will not change your mind.



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這能改變你的想法嗎? (Will This Change Your Mind?)

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