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  • yesterday, my girlfriend almost cried.

  • I asked her what happened, and she said I lost my entire makeup, but to me it wasn't a big deal with just buy a new one and move on.

  • But then she said, all that makeup costs $300 $300.

  • My entire wardrobe doesn't cost that much.

  • And that opened my eyes to a bigger issue.

  • Women have a more expensive life if you look at the numbers and this is a real thing.

  • Women products cost a lot $12 it's not the original from close to hair care to makeup.

  • On average, they spend $13,000 over a lifetime just own Mickum.

  • That's $13,000 more than I will ever spend.

  • And sometimes even for the same product, the same product, the female version costs more.

  • The only difference is the color that is crazy, man.

  • It's expensive to be a woman.

yesterday, my girlfriend almost cried.


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女人稅? (The Woman Tax?!)

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