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  • we're gonna send the first hamburger into space.

  • Okay, so we are the launch site.

  • Your hamburger, which we modified, but it's still edible.

  • Way.

  • Pick this up.

  • This is a couple days old.

  • Actually, that's good, because we need to be hard.

  • Wearing it with some with some spray on varnish is gonna get shredded apart in the way you got a GPS.

  • Awesome.

  • GoPro camera film Older.

  • You will be shooting this okay with you.

  • What?

  • Uh, because the other people were walking there way were literally right on it.

  • Like a tree.

  • Yeah.

  • So that's end of the day.

  • It took us a few shots.

  • Do not get it because we couldn't get it.

  • And luckily for us, there's a storm tomorrow and the day after, so maybe that will help us out and get it back.

we're gonna send the first hamburger into space.


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A2 初級

天降行動:太空中的第一塊漢堡 (Operation Skyfall: First Hamburger In Space)

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