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  • the following video is a true story.

  • When I was a kid, I remember looking at the world map for the first time.

  • If I remember, when I first saw it, I was so disappointed.

  • I was disappointed because look, the whole world has been explored.

  • We know every single inch of New York City and every tiny island in the middle of the ocean.

  • There is nothing left to explore, but over the past week I decided to put my disappointment aside and visit one of the hardest, most remote places in the world.

  • It's the kind of place you can't go by yourself.

  • It's the kind of waste that gets no tours way.

  • With the help of the International Red Cross, I was able to get to the heart of a country that is considered as one of the most undiscovered countries in the world to get what I explored there.

  • I hope it makes you think twice before looking at the world map again because this is the story of pop on your first day there, you'll realize that people don't see tourists very often, so when they see you and you see them, I kid you not.

  • It's an instant love story has never had something as simple as the way the recycle cans is unique.

  • They collect the big, bulky cans and dump them on the street.

  • Then cars drive over the can and crushing person collects it and tribe recycled.

  • None of this is illegal, and all of this mixed driving a car feel like you're helping the community.

  • The gravy wash their cars is also unique.

  • Everywhere you go, you see water coming out of the hopes.

  • It is natural spring water that people turn into a car wash.

  • You drive in a clean, you with fresh spring cold water and you drive out without the machine, the way, time, nothing.

  • It's amazing, and it's really, really fun.

  • My camera couldn't help but notice there looks.

  • There are more than 800 tribes and 800 different looks.

  • Some looks scary, like the mud men.

  • Others look friendly, like when I watch them celebrate their tradition.

  • And with two as one of them, I guess, is amazing.

  • I honestly almost crying of happiness.

  • This is a feeling that I didn't get anywhere else.

  • Oh, this is the right side of fun.

  • Explore places that will never make the news and that, unfortunately, not many people care about.

  • That's why I made these figures because they should care, because this thing this this is actually objectively amazing.

  • We also should care for what's bad in these countries, too.

  • The tribal warfare that still exists burned down airplanes to burn down homes and the destroyed lives off the most vulnerable still exist today.

  • That's why organizations like the International Red Cross are exactly there to help, to go to the middle off nowhere and rebuild destroyed clinics to supply entire schools with water on to give building materials to those that have been left with nothing.

  • I love you guys coming in my country.

  • This is my sold out of This is my short find my community I love, I love.

  • I love my I love my money New Guinea New right Bob on your guinea.

  • Just a week before this, I had no idea where Papa New Guinea is and honestly didn't have much interest.

  • But when I found myself in the middle of it all, I realized the world map is just that a map and that's the actual rule.

the following video is a true story.


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最未被發現的國家 (The Most Undiscovered Country)

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