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  • this story.

  • This story is about me.

  • But at the end of it, it's about you.

  • And this is the story off determination.

  • 689 days ago.

  • Exactly.

  • I was walking down the street at night, frustrated with frustrated with my life.

  • I had this desire to travel, see the world and make videos.

  • So I quit my job, bought my first camera and a one way ticket to Kenya before heading to the airport.

  • I tried something new.

  • Once a day.

  • I'm gonna make one video that's one minute long.

  • Put that video on a Facebook page with no followers.

  • People told me this was a bad idea.

  • People told me YouTube is better.

  • People told me I'm not a video maker.

  • And as much as I tried to prove people wrong, they were right.

  • I was not a good video maker.

  • This shot is bad.

  • This shot has no storyline today, if you like burning calories, this one has a bad microphone.

  • People were making money on YouTube and on Facebook I was losing money and little did I know that I was heading towards the darkest, loneliest time of my life.

  • Day after day after day Hello From often Texas.

  • You can't see me.

  • Today is a special day.

  • I spent 10 hours making a one minute video day after day after day.

  • Nobody washed, Nobody cared.

  • Nobody shared.

  • I almost quit even after I gave it my best every day.

  • But I didn't quit.

  • The next day I made another video.

  • I am cheap.

  • That's why I like Thailand.

  • It's very cheap on that video.

  • People actually like, really liked it went viral overnight.

  • Million's discovered my project.

  • Then I started to get you get how to make video.

  • You learn how to be better.

  • This is a really bulletproof vest.

  • You make better videos, you tell better stories you become better yourself.

  • And as you're busy filming this, you look back on Lee to see millions of people behind who sire videos one billion times.

  • You look back and one of these people stole your heart.

  • You read the comments and the presidents of countries wrote them.

  • You read your messages.

  • People who are about to suicide say thank you for saving my life.

  • And when you read that message, you realize it was a good thing you never quit.

  • Even the day your dad went to surgery.

  • You never quit The day you lost followers.

  • The day you got sick, the day your numbers went down.

  • It's a good thing you never quit that day.

  • Do ever said YouTube was better.

  • They were wrong.

  • Facebook works, and now I make money.

  • Whoever said this was a bad idea, they were wrong.

  • This saved a life.

  • I said this story was not about me.

  • It's about you.

  • Because one day you walk down that street down that road frustrated with your life, frustrated with your job, asking yourself, What do I do?

  • What do you do?

  • I don't know.

  • I know what you don't do.

  • You don't quit because only then can you succeed one billion time.

this story.


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