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  • This is a rock and this is water.

  • If you pour water on Iraq, nothing happens.

  • But if you pour water on Iraq time after time after time, rock eventually changes.

  • I can't believe I'm making this video, but here is a confession.

  • When I was a kid, I loved eating meat, and all my friends did, too, because meat was our free every dish and vegetarians I because life is too short not to enjoy meat.

  • Until one day something crazy happened.

  • I found a girl online, and I liked her.

  • I took her on a date, and all of a sudden she says, I'm vegetarian.

  • I thought to myself, Crap, I like this girl.

  • But eating out with her is going to be difficult.

  • Day after day after day, we would go in deeds and she would order avocado and I would order stick and she would whisper.

  • I disagree.

  • She ate her own and I eight months, but her small influence on my food was like water hitting my rock.

  • And after hundreds of meals and hundreds off waves, my rock started changing, and one day I woke up and realized that I no longer eat meat I was shocked.

  • I don't know why I stopped because I love steak.

  • But when all my friends, a lean and my best friend a gone ordered vegetables day after day after day, I gave in and changed my diet.

  • You might think this video is about food, but it's really not.

  • It's bigger than that.

  • This video is about the people around you because they change and shape you in ways that you cannot control.

  • If your group of friends drink alcohol, you will eventually drink alcohol.

  • If your closest friends are athletic, you will become athletic.

  • If your closest friends want to succeed in life, you will succeed in life.

  • Even if you're a rock and your friends are water, sooner or later they will change you.

  • For better or for worse, it actually goes both ways.

  • I learned a lot from spending time with nuts.

  • I'm a lot more ambitious now, and I use my time much more efficiently.

  • I use every day to do something to work towards Michaels.

This is a rock and this is water.


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