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  • dear Internet.

  • The following video is filled with anger, frustration and disgust.

  • And it's all because of this.

  • You're Nneka.

  • It's obvious the Internet is filled with content.

  • That sexual eyes is men and women, but mostly women, sex cells and an Internet sex sells a lot Click big videos that objectify women today.

  • I'm gonna be asking girls if they want to be my valentine and that they say No, Let's see if this will change their mind.

  • Get millions of views, millions of followers and millions off dollars.

  • These videos make you a star big and influencer.

  • Sell your own merchant.

  • Build your own brand.

  • They achieve your dreams.

  • How did you like tonight?

  • My frustration.

  • I will not need any need.

  • But I shall say this when you make your content sexual, you reach too low, you reach the bottom of the barrel.

  • And as you reached that low, remember your audience.

  • It's the young kids who look up to you, the ones who give you their laughs there like shares and buy your in their most crucial years of growing up.

  • What do you let them see?

  • See videos of how to hit on girls videos of how to prank essence videos of how to let girls kiss You on the beach.

  • Half naked videos of boobs as the thumbnail and assets as the content.

  • The Internet has become a toxic wasteland off desperation.

  • Where do you think?

  • Like just all?

  • Because we're rewarded the like click view and and share and forget the real purpose off influence in this video.

  • I said, I'm not gonna name needs, but I can't I must name a few humans of New York were in a rat atlas of beauty problem women.

  • Linda Generous of Mother Teresa of talk shows Emma Watson Thank you all for being superwoman and many more more.

  • The's are the names we should remember as the ones who rose above easy content and influenced billions of lives without relying on that click bait without relying on the thumbnail.

  • They built an empire.

  • The Internet has become our playground.

  • It's where millions of kids spend the most time.

  • It's not the streets anymore.

  • It's Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, Me, Devon, nine, Delaney, seven.

  • And Dalton, who's for it is our responsibility as creators.

  • I'm sorry I raised my voice five long and your responsibility as a viewer to build an Internet free of sexism and free of objectification filled with kindness, meaning and respect and that responsibility that wise on all of us.

dear Internet.


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我們殺死了互聯網 (We Killed The Internet)

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