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  • - This is my sister. -Hi, I'm Naya.

    - 這位是我妹妹。- 嗨,我是 Naya。

  • In her bank account, she has $300 dollars total, but she came to Iceland for a 20-hour layover, only to realize that Iceland will get her broke!

    她的銀行戶頭裡面全部只有 300 美元,但她來到冰島等待轉機 20 小時發現,冰島會讓她破產!

  • She took a bus to see the city—$40 bucks.

    她搭公車參觀城市要花 40 美元。

  • She ate lunch—$30 bucks.

    她吃午餐要花 30美元。

  • She wanted clothesoh, that's... too expensive.


  • To see the nearest attraction, the Blue Lagoon, she has to pay $100 bucks.

    要去參觀最近的景點——藍湖,要花 100 美元。

  • To buy the cheap groceries—$4 dollars, $6 dollars, $12 dollars are normal prices here.

    要買便宜的雜貨——4 美元、6 美元、12 美元是這裡的正常價格。

  • This is why Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in the world for tourists where a 20-hour layover can break your bank.

    這就是為什麼冰島對遊客來說最昂貴的國家之一,在這裡等待轉機的 20 個小時就可以讓你破產。

  • At the end of her 20 hours layover, she was sent with a little bit of an Icelandic souvenirnot the $10-dollar mini snowman, but the $5-dollar Icelandic air.

    在她 20 小時的停留結束時,她收到了小小的冰島紀念品——不是價值 10 美元的迷你雪人,而是價值 5 美元的冰島空氣。

  • $5 dollars for air...

    5 美元的空氣...

  • That's one minute. See you tomorrow!


- This is my sister. -Hi, I'm Naya.

- 這位是我妹妹。- 嗨,我是 Naya。

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B1 中級 中文 冰島 美元 破產 參觀 小時 空氣

在冰島花五美元買一罐空氣? ($5 For Air?!)

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