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  • homelessness, poverty, drugs.

  • So many people say Be careful off the wholeness, but what I'm about to show you will change your mind just like it changed, my C.

  • I have just arrived to an entire village with no houses because everyone here is homeless.

  • Now many people will stop watching this video because we have a stereotype against homeless people.

  • Most likely, they do drugs they steal, and most likely they are dangerous.

  • We think there are homeless and hopeless, but this village is not in this village.

  • 200 homeless people got together and made their own village with their own rules.

  • That will surprise you Here.

  • You can't make noise after eight PM You can't steal.

  • You can't do drugs.

  • You can't even unleash your dog.

  • And if you do any of the bus you way have strict rules here on zero tolerance posts.

  • So this homeless village has become a place that's safe for everybody.

  • Tourists and locals alike.

  • It is also a place where a community lives.

  • They built a park for kids to play at a gym to work out that a small zoo, a plantation farm in a small made up beach every Sunday.

  • People have to clean this whole place up and every month they have to spend eight hours of volunteering for adults.

  • They celebrate Christmas and they teach each other sign language.

  • Why?

  • Because this village has one death kid and they wanted him to feel included.

  • All of this is in a city full or full.

  • Miss people, this life is the choice off.

  • Nobody.

  • How I where they live is beautiful.

  • But it's also one of the most expensive US states with the highest rates off homelessness.

  • Just ask their leader.

  • Hello.

  • I'm the leader here in the village.

  • Even if we are house in 60% of us don't have jobs.

  • They just don't have enough toe.

  • Have ah house choose to live.

  • But this is all my money can afford.

  • And even if people live intense, this village is safe.

  • They have rules there inclusive and they are appreciated or what they have.

  • No matter how much they don't have you could be a worst case is the way you are right now.

  • Just be thankful for you.

  • Stay and make it work.

  • And so sorry, little bit.

  • Luckily, this story has a happy ending.

  • The village is so respected that donations of money and food have come from all around the state and support for them has been tremendous so much that in the next few years they will purchase their own land and live in their own home.

  • We're halfway there.

  • This'll Village wanted me to tell you that even if they don't have money, they are not homeless or hopeless or lawless.

  • They are just house lis.

  • Lovely guys veto, but maybe not for long.

homelessness, poverty, drugs.


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小心無家可歸的人 (Be Careful of The Homeless)

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