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  • Oh my God.

  • This'll is one of the most unique things I have ever seen.

  • Beats a river in the Amazon jungle that is this'll unique.

  • River is so hot you could fry an actual egg on top of it and make tea just from its water so dangerous if you fall into it, humans get burned and animals die.

  • This'll boiling river is not a hot spring Horrible candle.

  • It's glacier water heated from the bottom of Mother Earth that mix a seven kilometre river in Peru's jungles that will blow your mind, heal your body and boil your record.

  • And at the end of it, where it gets colder, water feels like the world's best.

  • Jack, that's one minute.

  • See you tomorrow.

Oh my God.


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沸騰的河 (The Boiling River)

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