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  • this video is about me.

  • But by the end of it, it's about you because this is the story off acceptance.

  • For 18 years, I grew up as a Muslim in a small village.

  • This signs and in my personal world, I did not accept different religions or different people.

  • I was a Muslim, believing I waas right.

  • So this is the story of how I went from accepting no one to accepting everyone.

  • One day I traveled outside of my Muslim village here to Varanasi, India, the mecca off the Hindus.

  • And once I landed there, I was shocked because I saw Hindus who believe there are millions of God's, not one who believe this river is wholly who believed they must be burned after death.

  • As a Muslim, you do not agree with any of this.

  • You tell yourself they must be wrong and you must be right.

  • They must be wrong.

  • And you must be right.

  • Right?

  • Right, right, right.

  • But soon you'll realize there is no right and there is no wrong.

  • You don't have to agree with the one billion Hindus, but you must accept them as equals.

  • Thing isn't just religion.

  • This is everything.

  • else.

  • When I first came to the United States, I made a new friend.

  • He told me he wants to be a lawyer.

  • I said That's OK Then he told me he's gay.

  • I said, That's not OK But then why is that not OK?

  • Because it doesn't fit in my world.

  • Maybe my world is not big enough and that it's OK to be gay.

  • It's okay to be Hindu.

  • It's okay to be Muslim.

  • It's OK to be more you travel, the more you'll realize that maybe your village doesn't have all the answers and that that might be the hardest thing to realize in your life.

  • I said, This video is not about me because really, it's about you because one day you'll see something you don't like something you think is wrong and you'll say to yourself, I must be right.

  • The truth is, no one is right and no one is wrong.

this video is about me.


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