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  • Hey, I have to be honest.

  • My grades at school were not very good.

  • In fact, they were so bad that I was always stressed, anxious and worried.

  • I lost sleep.

  • I didn't enjoy college for four years trying to get higher grades because I was taught that bad grades mean you will not have good job.

  • This'd is what I believed as a student.

  • But I waas despite by mediocre grades, I was able to get a really good job making a good salary and a really good life without relying on the grades.

  • Now I don't even remember my grades that I don't think anyone care.

  • Do grades matter?

  • Yes, they're important for many professions in schools, but they should not be the defining number.

  • Often entire students like That's one minute see tomorrow.

Hey, I have to be honest.


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學生陷阱 (The Student Trap)

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