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  • before we begin shoutout to square space for sponsoring today's video.

  • I hope you're ready in Ecuador, where the northern and the southern Hemisphere's are separated by this line at the middle of the world twice a year, your shadow disappears entirely because the sun is right above you.

  • The water drains straight down, not right.

  • Oh, left your washes not need because of solar time here.

  • You can't balance yourself on a straight line, but you can't bells, an egg or a deal quitter.

  • You are very close to the sun because the mountains are high and the earth bulges towards the centre.

  • An entire country.

  • Ecuador is named after this place where you will find this this these people, the world is a phone please.

  • But in the middle of it, it's even more fun.

  • Today, my friends and I arrived in a tiny town hidden in the Andes mountain called Banyu because they told us here you can do anything you want with one push from a stranger.

  • You're swinging into the mountains, and with another you'll feel like in heaven.

  • With one thumb print, you'll get an 80 p machine and break it too, with one click, you'll see beautiful nature.

  • With $1 you'll get tons of bananas with one request.

  • You'll get a right from the police and get the sound the siren to your arrested.

  • With one dip, you'll be in volcanic hot spring water.

  • With one harness, you'll fall off a bridge, and with one wrong step forward, you will be dead.

  • All of this is happening right near an active volcano that is due to erupt any Dana.

  • But for today, the smallest actions led to the biggest, most amazing experiences.

  • We've stuff we as I stand here in the Galapagos Islands.

  • I can't help but think of how humans up nature.

  • These islands have existed for millions of years, developing a wildlife you can't see anywhere else in the world until humans came with their cars, cities, dogs, chicken cats and rats.

  • Animals killed the peaceful wildlife and humans took over their homes here and everywhere, humans are destroying wildlife.

  • Men made climate change will affect water temperatures on these islands just by a few degrees, and these extra degrees will kill marine who so marine animals can no longer find food.

  • These marine iguanas, the only ones in the world could starve to death.

  • And I'm not even mentioning the human islands that could be gone because of climate change.

  • Look, don't become vegetarian and don't turn off electricity.

  • All I'm asking of you is this.

  • Just be mindful of nature.

  • That's one minute.

  • See tomorrow.

  • Hi, back at key to Ecuador, the second highest capital in the world, which means air quality here is good, but there is not much air.

  • And when you are at such high altitudes, everything gets harder.

  • A simple run 2800 meters high will leave you breathless, and when you do the same run at 4000 meters, it's much.

  • This is the same height as the Himalayas base camp, and even there is less oxygen.

  • It's just as hard at this altitude levels.

  • Your car, however fancy, will be floor due to low oxygen level.

  • Your drove battery will have a shorter life, and these 10 stairs you need to climb will leave you breakfast.

  • At least I am and island sea level.

  • This is called a job here.

  • Walking is an exercise in your heart rate jumps by your love in key to Ecuador.

  • Having a big heart is a bus Having big Long is a must as his only no thought knows Belle manana.

  • Oh, from I have a question for you.

  • How do you run a country?

  • Most people look for answers in the developed world like the US and Europe.

  • But I found these answers in the developing world like here in Ecuador, take something as simple as food.

  • Every item here has a simple guide.

  • Show you how healthy or unhealthy a nine amends in the US This is your guide and it's complicated.

  • Flying a drone here is not a problem either.

  • Even next Two policemen.

  • So I'm allowed to fly.

  • Yes, Good.

  • Thank you so much.

  • In other places.

  • This could get you in jail.

  • And Ecuador immigrants are not frowned upon.

  • Venezuelans come to Ecuador and Colombia in social but better life.

  • And they are welcome.

  • Even the guy holding this camera, he spent his well in or lie.

  • Ecuador is the most underrated place I've been to, but it's also the place I learned the most while having fun.

  • That was everybody.

  • Thank you so much for watching this video and thank you to a square space for sponsoring this video.

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  • Thank you for watching the videos.

  • See you guys soon.

before we begin shoutout to square space for sponsoring today's video.


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