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  • Meet Jonathan.

  • Hi, my name is Jonathan, and my parents taught me to hate each other.

  • This is a topic many people can relate to.

  • Jonathan's parents are divorced, and whenever he hung out with either of them, the only thing they talked about each other was hate.

  • His mom told him his dad's wars qualities.

  • His dad told him his mom's worst qualities, and this 10 year old kid was stuck in the middle.

  • Talkto hate the other parent by the other parents.

  • And his biggest challenge for the next 10 years was to love his parents, to love his parents, who they really are, and not for what they say about each other.

  • There are far too many parents who involved their Children in their fights, and that's dangerous because no child deserves to be taught how to hate.

  • Not for a minute, See you tomorrow.

Meet Jonathan.


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我們是否在教孩子仇恨? (Are We Teaching Hate To Children?)

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