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  • what I'm holding right now is normal water.

  • But what if I told you that this normal water is made off?

  • P before you get disgusted, think again.

  • Here in Singapore, they don't have that much water.

  • So they made their own fresh water from the toilet.

  • They took this one.

  • This water and this water.

  • Yes, it includes Pete and turned it into fresh, drinkable water.

  • Clean every single molecule off this water to make it cleaner than the one you buy.

  • Because this was tested 100 and 50,000 times.

  • You, me and everyone could drink this water with no problem.

  • Good as the rest of the world Wastewater.

  • Everyone should look at Singapore who is trying to recycle every single drop of here.

  • Even P doesn't go to waste.

what I'm holding right now is normal water.


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這是用......尿液做的? (This is Made of...PEE?!)

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