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  • Hi, kid.

  • You see, next to me is only 14 years old, but this kid started a bank.

  • Hi, my name is Jose on.

  • This is my story.

  • Jose saw that a lot of his classmates spend money, but they don't save money.

  • It's important to save money.

  • So at the age of 12 Jose started a really bank.

  • Rooth turns his classmates allowances into a savings account with its own debit card.

  • The first in the world by his bank got so popular he found 3000 customers save $50,000 hired eight employees that are older than him.

  • He also built a system that helps kids make money by recycling their plastic.

  • Kids can get plastic waste, go to his bank, give plastic and get money in their accounts.

  • It's our wing as we adults are busy spending money.

  • Let's look at this kid who built an entire legal banking system that saves money, saves the environment.

Hi, kid.


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開銀行的孩子 (The Kid Who Started a Bank)

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