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  • guys, I want to talk to you about a secret I've been hiding for the past year.

  • I've been building a company and I want to announce it to you.

  • Now it's growing.

  • It's fun.

  • It's exciting.

  • It's called Nass Studio.

  • Points off this company is to make more videos to build a better tomorrow.

  • So we rented an office in Singapore.

  • We made it beautiful.

  • We painted the world map on it.

  • We put pictures of the team box lots and lots of cameras, lots and lots of laptops and opened our doors for business.

  • Tech companies, hospitals, tourism bores.

  • Big brands came knocking, and together we made four videos for them to make the world better.

  • Other than that, we also make videos that capture emotions, videos with impactful messages about people, four people videos that will make you cry.

  • Or we help companies sell their products like these picture frames, hotels or way tell their brand stories and reach audiences they couldn't reach before way.

  • Also traveled to make beautiful videos about places like this.

  • This and this, whatever you need, we've got you know, Nass daily from the videos you see on Facebook.

  • But now I want you to know not Davy for this company and these 18 people.

  • Truth is, I've been hiding this from you for a year, but I cannot hide it anymore.

  • This has become my life from nine AM to midnight.

  • It's all we think about.

  • How can we make better videos?

  • How could we hire more people?

  • How can we get more customers?

  • Building a business that's sustainable that works by itself is probably I found to be harder than rocket science because there's a lot of moving elements and you want with different people.

  • But I think when it works, it's gonna be the best thing in the world.

  • In the next few years, we have plans to go this even bigger.

  • We just started a video academy to teach students way, want to go into the travel space, and we want to build something amazing.

  • Ah, A few years ago, Naz Daily was nothing more than just a Facebook page.

  • But now it's a media company that reaches hundreds of millions of people.

  • Without your support, none of this would exist.

  • So even though I know you're watching this from your bedroom half asleep.

  • I just wanted to tell you from our family to yours next.

  • Hey there.

  • How are you?

  • Thank you so much for watching the video.

  • Try watching another video.

  • They're short and they're meaningful.

  • Also, try following this channel.

  • I think you'll enjoy it every day.

  • There's gonna be a much better video coming your way.

  • Thank you so much.

guys, I want to talk to you about a secret I've been hiding for the past year.


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