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  • good morning.

  • It's time for my usual cup off coffee.

  • Actually, it isn't because I never drink coffee.

  • This'd is the thing I've avoided my entire life.

  • Because coffee, however sexy and tasty and mainstream it looks, is a drug.

  • Call me Grandpa, Grandpa.

  • I've seen too many of my friends who couldn't function normally without a daily cup of coffee.

  • Bigot headed jitters, restlessness and get so addicted that coffee does nothing but cure their headache.

  • That came from copy in the first place and sometimes the evening, drink coffee and go to sleep.

  • In these cases, what's the point of it?

  • Don't get me wrong copies a great source of energy and is good in moderation.

  • But for me, I'd rather get all my energy from sleep.

  • That's a minute.

good morning.


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為什麼我從不喝咖啡 (Why I Never Drink Coffee)

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