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  • before we begin shoutout to square space for sponsoring today's video.

  • I hope you're ready.

  • This video is a little bit controversial, but it has to be done.

  • If you want to succeed, everybody tells you the things you should do.

  • You should do this.

  • You should do that.

  • But what about the things that you shouldn't do?

  • This is the story off.

  • Everything I don't do that made my life better.

  • I hope you're ready for a complete life makeover.

  • Two years, two years is the number of years I spent travelling living out of a suitcase inside of it.

  • I only have 10 T shirts, underwear and one pair of pants.

  • Before this life, I used to have a lot of things in my home, but now I own very metal and by almost nothing.

  • I walk through shops and spend $0 not because I'm cheap, but because for any new brought up, it has to pass the mountain test.

  • If the product is worth carrying up a mountain on my back with no hassle than I buy, if it's not, then I don't because it would be impossible to climb a mountain if I bought everything that I like.

  • This mountain test is an extreme example, but the idea behind it is simple.

  • There's a lot of things we don't need to have on top of a mountain or inside a house or really anywhere in our lives.

  • And I am convinced, traveling or not, the fewer objects we have in our lives, the closer we will be to reaching the peak of freedom.

  • That's one minute see you tomorrow.

  • My entire life I drove around people who smoke all the time, and when everyone around you smoked, you are more likely to smoke as well.

  • But I didn't.

  • I have not smoked a single cigarette in my life, not only because of health, but because smoking is expensive.

  • See back home.

  • One cigarette pack costs an average of 10 bucks.

  • If you smoke one pack per day, that's 300 bucks per month and 3600 bucks for years.

  • And because smoking is so addicting that could be off the $144,000 in a lifetime of smoking.

  • I think this exact math at age 10 and realized instead of burning this money, dollar by dollar, I'd rather save it up dollar by dollar on by an actual Ferrari for $144,000 so that when I retire, I can drive a Ferrari with healthy lungs, that's what minute.

  • See you tomorrow.

  • Right now it's 11 p.m. On Saturday and in my own life on a Saturday.

  • This is where I would be doing heart in my new life on a Saturday, I'm a home resting or working.

  • The truth is, I haven't party, even ones in the last year, because this partying is a huge time commitment.

  • Just look at the mess.

  • It takes three hours to get ready, meet friends and get to the part of the party itself.

  • Takes five hours minimum.

  • If you drink the next day, you will wake up late and feel horrible for the next 12 hours.

  • 12 plus three plus five.

  • That's 20 hours gone off your life just for a part, and this kills your weekend productivity.

  • That's why now I mostly stay at home with friends or go to simple Parton's with the same amount of the fund feeling a lot better with more money in my pocket and more time on my head the following is not to brag but the share on observation money.

  • Last year, I made more money than I ever thought I would ever make in a year.

  • If my life was a diagram, this would be my new finance.

  • And as I made more money, I was excited to spend more only to realize that in reality I am chief.

  • As my money grew, my spending did not.

  • It went up a bit.

  • Then it stayed in the same.

  • It stayed the same because I couldn't stop listening to my inner common sense.

  • Common sense tells me that I should not by a breakfast sandwich for 30 bucks or on hotel night for 500 bucks or a new jacket for 300 bucks.

  • No matter how much money you make, a lot of people make money and waste it on overpriced gimmicks.

  • But let's not forget common sense because that is what made you lots of money.

  • That is what will stop you from losing it.

  • That's one minute.

  • See it a mile.

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  • Thank you for watching the videos.

  • See you guys soon.

before we begin shoutout to square space for sponsoring today's video.


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