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  • Whoa!

  • Due by the end of this video, this guy will make you happy.

  • Yeah.

  • Hi.

  • I'm Judy and I I From the look of him, Googie looks like a crazy person.

  • Toys in love with unicorns, unicorns, unicorns I love unicorns.

  • That's crazy.

  • But when you spend enough time with him, you'll realize that this guy is not crazy.

  • He just reached a level of happiness and freedom that none of us had color for life.

  • Googie dresses.

  • However, he wants Googie acts however he wants.

  • Googie does whatever he wants.

  • And despite older stairs, he's calming, Signed, happy and free.

  • In this happiness radiates toe everybody around him.

  • It's easy to judge Googie by his appearance and behaviour.

  • This'll guy you're looking at went to university for nine years.

  • It has three degrees.

  • I read.

  • You should as well You really want bachelors.

  • A Do masters have a mustard philosophy?

  • Did this buster Good time.

  • This'll guy was also the order of three businesses on All of them was fine to May.

  • And one of them is this e born Googie.

  • Easy bar order and a businessman.

  • But he doesn't act like one.

  • He never get stressed or angry just hangs with customers every day, all day, passing out stickers and unicorns happy.

  • So I don't make too much money out on my bar.

  • But I'm having fun.

  • Yes, but why is he so happy?

  • The secret to his happiness is the simplicity simple to love J.

  • A.

  • And it is very simple to love life.

  • You seem unhappy every day he sleeps at 3 a.m. Wakes up at three PM, goes to the market, buys vegetables, toys and stickers well by the unicorn because everybody that come to my box must become a unicorn goes to his bar not to work, but to have fun.

  • What I do every day, every single day, your house that's big enough to live in.

  • And he has money.

  • That's just enough to keep going.

  • Many of us stress over what people think of us or what to do in life.



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他才是真正的獨角獸人! (He Is The Real Unicorn Man!)

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