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  • thistles.

  • The story off the Republican primaries and Donald Trump.

  • We headed down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to check on the lovely candidates.

  • We started with Ted Cruz.

  • Love, charismatic, but to religious.

  • And there's just not flashing enough to scripted but way saved.

  • Best for last.

  • Donald Trump.

  • This guy's rallies are like no other.

  • So we had to show up in style.

  • I think we're underdressed.

  • There's no way this gets us.

  • Let's do it.

  • Wait, Shit line is huge.

  • This guy's rallies are in sync.

  • Compare this theme.

  • But I don't think anyone knew what they were talking about, including Trump.

  • We're gonna make a wall now 10 feet taller.

  • Let's play again.

  • I'm gonna give you a quote.

  • And you tell me what Bernie, I hate the concept of guns.

  • I'm not in favour.

  • Was I would like to tax people Well, great.

  • Well, 14.2.

  • This actually raised 5.7 trillion, which happens to be our national debt.

  • I would tax people with great wealth people over 10 million by 14.25%.

  • I know what they want to let thousands and thousands and thousands of the Syrian migration come into the country way have.

  • No, he's not a Republican Trump.

  • Now we have a trump looking these days.

  • All I do is wonder if you've been in over.

  • Bad was the song.

  • It's hard not to agree with him.

  • Talk to not agree.

  • Wonder if you're rolling up bag was for someone else doing things I touch.

  • You get a nice D for someone else to Tony No.

  • One.

  • A suit on the nobody.

  • All he's doing is making America great what you think of money.

  • What do you think of illegal immigration?

  • You like me?

  • Oh, second term voters.

  • The only house I want to see Hillary Hillary in prison.

  • I love Election Day was the day we were always voting stations were absolutely packed after voting way headed down to the city to kill some time the American way and maybe play around to call soon after the results came out.

  • And who, other than Donald Trump, with his diehard supporters, redneck for Trump and and on and his ridiculous ego so well with the African Americans won the elections by a wide margin?

  • Terrified?

  • If Donald Trump ever makes it into any position of power, heck, I'll be the first to get kicked out.



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在唐納德-特朗普的集會上... ... (Inside a DONALD TRUMP rally...)

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