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Can I see your menu
Lets do a very simple experiment
Actually you dont need to go to theaters to watch 3D movies
When you watch something 3D from a screen you still need glasses rights
very tiring
and heavy
Lets see if we can try on this
A new in development technology called autostereoscopic 3D
will allow us soon to watch 3D movies without glasses
and its usually easy to get your eyes tired wearing
3D glasses
Lets do something fun just big open your eyes
and imagine
imagine a 3D space in that area
I mean in the area between your eyes and the picture
I will try to create a alive space
a 3D space
these are pictures, normal pictures
Now only my hands are in 3D
But just imagine, imagine this cookie for example
a normal picture of a cookie
just a flat image
Just here
the camera can give me a focus
if I give this image a little rub
you will see it will slowly
comes out from the picture
comes out from the paper
yea this isnt just three dimensional, you can even
Taste it
a delicious and normal cookie
just here
a cookie isnt fully tasty without a little bit of ice cream
watch this ice cream
just here
just here
just a rub with the cookie
and we can slowly
take a bite
ice cream make sure its real ice cream
thats creepy
thats crazy
how is this possible
even on the picture the ice cream has a bite on it
wait wait
this is just a appetizer
drink the main course should be that drink
see there is still a drink here
ice cream we only took its cookie and a little bit of ice
but the whole drink
watch here
it will slowly.....
no im kidding
man! thats not funny!
just relax
because if I take it out just like that
some people will think the table is gimmicked in some ways
maybe there is some mechanical trickery in the table
to make sure there is no trickery
so nervous!
can you both stand up
stand up
I want the camera to see the whole menu
normal menu
I dont even want to hold it
Can you both hold it
Hold the menu
like this
And maybe stand closer
Just here
Watch carefully
the picture of this drink
Can the camera show there is nothing on the bottom
watch that drink
from here
Please dont shake
Im so scared
I need you to relax and not move
just here
Focus in that area
breath, relax
I can feel the ice from the drink from that picture
You can feel my fingers are melting
Just on that spot
Is this a dream
There is even fruit on it
Wait wait just here
Dont move, dont't shake
Camera please hold your size
This is
God Is this real
and it's freaking cold
This is my gift to you
Most important make sure the menu is normal
how can this be
Its so slim
its real Ice
taste it
So cold
very delicious its not only cold but also very delicious
thats crazy
relax, you can sit
I think Im deeply shocked
Its gone
I mean the original image
How did you do this
Thats supa crazy
Are you free later?
Can you come shopping with me?
Make everything comes out from images
How did you do that?
And its really delicious
you want some?
so you never need to buy food? you make everything comes out from menu?
bon appetit
that's too cool
please make sure every page is absolutely normal
Im certain thats a normal menu
You want to eat more
Maybe should we pick this
or this
That's really unbelievable
Can you make this appear or this
I want to bring all my friends seeing this
So we don't have to pay for this right?
Thats crazy
Nothing to say but amazing
I never see magic that close
I never believed magic is real
but just some minutes ago
I think all this weird
It's its just miraculous
Like a miracle
Like a cartoon in real life
So thats scary
it just can't be real
it is like a dream
but it just happened just like that
I dont know if I am under some hypnoses or some
Something like atom exploding in the air I don't know how to explain
That's really weird
ike I just saw something from a imaginary world with my very own eyes
It's like fantasy
I think if my grandma see this she also will piss in her pants
Makeup skincare diamonds sport scars penthouse
everything you need just bring a magazine to him
I really wish my grandma can see this
It really can make her ten years younger
I think Im high right now
You can't imagine what it feels like to see something just appear out of nothing
Can I bring him shopping with my grandma
Make everyone of my family happy
sharing this joy to everyone haha


隔空取出冰淇淋 (Yif Magic [官方HD] Ice Cream Production from a Menu)

1036 分類 收藏
姚易辰 發佈於 2014 年 5 月 2 日
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