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  • Hello and welcome to this lunchtime run by DBC.

  • Learning English and our athletes starts with a stretch.

  • It's very important to stretch well done, sir, and now we move into the run was starting with a walk to warm up and we're jogging.

  • Well done, sir.

  • Moving through the streets of London Now watch out for the traffic.

  • Dodged that car goodness me!

  • And now into the park.

  • And he's looking confident.

  • He's really hitting his stride.

  • Well done, sir.

  • On.

  • He's doing how it's Okan.

  • Horribly wrong.

  • How he can't breathe.

  • He's puffing, He's panting, He's winded, It's no good.

  • And he's got a stitch.

  • I don't believe it.

  • Moving into the home stretch now, looking confident, victory so close, almost home.

Hello and welcome to this lunchtime run by DBC.


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跑步詞彙。午間跑步的解剖 (Running Vocabulary: Anatomy of a lunchtime run)

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