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  • Hey! How it's goin'.


  • Damn, I'm excited today. One my favorite games this year, Little Nightmares, just came out with a DLC.

    該死我今天好興奮啊,我今年最喜歡的遊戲之一 "小小夢魘" 出了DLC(附加內容 外傳)

  • I think it's this one.


  • Oh, God. I hope it's that one.

    喔天啊 我希望是這個

  • I don't know, it came out of nowhere. It's early - the DLC is early. I repeat everyone.

    我不知道啦 它就醬突然出現 這DLC好像有點早

  • ohhhhh


  • Such a nice surprise. This is definitely it. What? Who are you?


  • Wow, why does your head look like a meatball. You look delicious.

    好棒的驚喜啊!這一定就是了 什麼?你是誰??

  • How did we end up here? Oh, I'm drowning. Uh-oh.


  • Oh, we're at - that's - I remember this place


  • This is where we met the enemy for the first time.


  • Oh, I'm so cute!


  • So then - we're on the boat still then.


  • We're playing as one of the ~*children*~


  • This is awesome. I'm so glad we're getting more content of this game!


  • Where do I go ?


  • I forgot, I forgot about Teddy. Can I go back and get him? I forgot the controls. I've got everything come on. Okay great


  • Jeez is he gonna come and check on me. I best be going then


  • Alright well this way it is there he is oh. He's he chasing the girl


  • From the original that's funny. Oh

    我...我忘記拿我的泰迪了 我可以回去拿嗎? 我忘了怎麼操作了 全忘得一乾二淨 不是吧

  • No, she died


  • I had this theory that this guy is a nice guy he just looks horrible


  • Cause he never he never actually kills you he just captures you or whatever maybe just one of those clingy parents, you know

    我最好趕快閃ᕕ( ・3・)ᕗ

  • Actually, you know you know what I'll take it back. He's horrible there you go. It's the boat

    好的走這吧 這就對了

  • Whoop !


  • luckily placed


  • Mattress we've been here as well.


  • Oh Shit, it's the slug. I know what those do

    我有一個理論就是這傢伙其實是個好人 他只是長歪了

  • I will not say hi to you today mister

    因為他...他都沒有真正的殺了你 他只是抓住你 也許他只是個直升機父母 你知道的

  • Giant black

    其實...你...你知道嗎 我要收回我的話 他很可怕(´・ω・`)

  • Don't say penis, okay, cool

    這就對了 就是那艘船

  • We've been there as well. This is weird. It's like we're playing behind the scenes

  • ah there is a little Girl down there


  • ????


  • All right, we'll tip tap our way through

    夭壽 是蛞蝓 我知道他們想幹嘛

  • If I remember how I grabbed stuff I need, no I need to jump down here


  • okay, I see


  • I complete.. I don't know which one I grab with and I know it's just such an important move

    不要接"屌" 好喔

  • Here we go

    我們也來過這裡 好奇怪喔 就像是在玩幕後場景一樣

  • We're gonna have to run back aren't we?


  • I have to remember which one I run on


  • That's sneak you know, let... sorry

    好喔 用輕快的腳步跑過去

  • Okay, Sprint, grab


  • flashlight, crouch, okay


  • Sorry now you don't have to hear me?

    好 我懂惹

  • Keep going, I don't know the controls

    我完全...我不知道哪個按鍵是用來抓的 我知道這很重要啦...

  • C'mon buddy there you go. Oh, God where do I hide here ?


  • What a major fuckup !


  • I thought for sure that would be covered in the middle. I just assumed that there would be. Great let's do that again


  • What the fuck was that. All right here we go

    要偷偷來 你知道的...讓...抱歉

  • I don't trust that bitch tho


  • I ain't trusting no bitches that be snitchin like snitches here we go come back here girl


  • Where you going girl with three bag? I'm going to throw up cube into your fucking face come here


  • You want this Cube?


  • You want to play Minecraft

  • This game is just like my real life come back here lady. Where'd you go?


  • I love this area. It's so cute


  • Alright. I assume. We have to go back up here. There's no potato people left


  • I don't know why I'm doing this it's figured

    來吧兄弟 對啦

  • great job Felix! end your life, Jesus Christ


  • Okay, I can just go here. It's fine. It's fine. I know what I'm doing


  • Professional gamer here look I have toilet paper. That's right. That's right. Thank you everyone toilet paper


  • Anyone need some I got you fam. What is she doing?

    我以為中間一定有一個遮蔽物 就是假設一定會有...

  • Oh what a dick.. that's fine. I have toilet papers


  • Yeah, yeah


  • See I got you fam coming to get you girl. I don't know why I'm coming to get you


  • But I'm gonna catch up that I was a joke everyone. Thank you. 10/10 all right let's grab this


  • And let's go down nice, and easy. Where's she going?


  • She's going in there in the hole. She's going in the hole come back here when it's safe to jump off now


  • I would assume. I'm fine. I'm fine


  • It'd be funny if you started playing as the inside character, or some shit all of a sudden. Plot twist

    這就對了 給我回來 女孩!

  • This game is Canon

    女孩兒妳要去哪 我們要回去哪裡~~

  • Okay, I assume we have to go down there, but I also kind of want to check around

    我要把方塊丟到妳的蠢臉上 過來啦

  • Okay, well let's just go


  • Whoop ! haha




  • I'm fine

    小姐回來喔 妳跑去哪了

  • Swim Swim Swim Swim swim I don't trust it, I don't trust the water. I don't trust the water

    我愛這一區 敲口愛

  • I just don't trust the water get out of the water. Thank you. What the fuck

    好 先假設我得回到這

  • What do I do here?


  • Oh hell no, it's vibrating my controller is like non-stop

    我不知道為什麼還要再做一次 我解過了阿

  • Vibration alright, we got it. We got to pull this

    幹的好 Felix!你的人生也是 耶穌基督阿

  • Which I don't like even more

    好 我可以走這邊 很好 很好!! 我知道我在幹嘛

  • Why is my controller freaking out?

    專業玩家在此 看我有廁所衛生紙

  • it's like *Imitates vibration*


  • Jezz do you see it's my Scrotum. Look at it I'm vibrating like crazy


  • What is happening?

    廁所衛生紙阿 謝謝大家

  • What is... Oh okay here we go?

    有人需要嗎 我罩妳喔家人 她在幹嘛阿

  • I did it everyone let's just go through I don't want to check the background


  • Ah we get the flashlight, now we can use it


  • Cool which you use with B


  • nice

    看到沒 有我罩妳啦家人 女孩我要來找妳了

  • Nice, and cozy. Are you scared now? I bet you're scared. I never get scared so it's okay. Oh God. That's a giant slug thing


  • all right, I would say hi, but

    但我要*追*到妳 那是個笑話 謝謝 我給十分

  • I gonna go with "bye" this time thank you


  • Ok here we go yes, the we're going great

    我們好好的下去吧 她要去哪裡

  • so far ZERO DEATH (2 deaths) Oh shit Jesus

    她要去那裡 洞洞裡 她要進洞洞裡了 給我回來喔

  • fucking Christ you distracted me nearly got me killed boy.

    什麼時候跳下去才安全...現在吧 我覺得

  • "Crouch" Yes, ah shi-

    我很好 我很好

  • Nope coming from the ceiling not a problem. I saw that one. NO I got stuck in the pipe


  • What the fuck ah?


  • It keeps vibrating. Oh now it stops. I thank God that was super annoying


  • Fucking hell. I got stuck in this stupid pipe

    好...我覺得我應該下去那裡 但我有點想到處看看

  • Jesus Christ they're faster in the water

    好吧 直接跳下去!

  • It's almost like they're water creatures or something


  • Hey look at that. Yeah, oh, God. What do I do here? Oh?


  • Yeah, boy. hell yeah mate that was fucking awesome man alright, so


  • Aren't you gonna like?


  • There you go, okay, whoa

    游......我不信任它 我不信任這水

  • Oh God that does not sound nice. HA yeah


  • I did it zero death everyone (3 deaths) Thank you so much. Oh God, okay

    我只是不相信水 快遠離水啦 謝謝

  • The fuck is this ?


  • Oh God, I don't trust anything


  • Whoop oh God swim swim swim swim swim swim.....

    喔不是吧 它在震動 我的搖桿在不停震動

  • What's happening here? What is this

    好 我懂了 我們要拉它

  • okay,


  • I don't know what this DLC is called I don't know what it's about. I just


  • Just randomly saw it was available and then I'm like hell. Yeah. I'm just gonna get it


  • Oh God, okay. This is very dark. Give me my flashlight. I don't think I can

    老天...看到沒這是我的懶趴 看我一直瘋狂震動(?)



  • Piece of potato pie hell yeah


  • Legit he looks like a meatball

    我做到了 大家!我們直接走好了 我不想檢查背景了

  • Panera is your home Ikea is my city

    阿我們拿到手電筒了 現在能用它了

  • Whoa that was deeper than I expected


  • I strongly feel like some sort of yep


  • Okay, well this is great. This is where we die. There's chairs. There's chairs coming to kill me

    讚又舒適 你現在會怕嗎 我賭你怕了 我從來都不怕 所以還好(喔是喔)

  • Please for the love of God Swim

    喔天啊 是個巨大蛞蝓東東

  • Girl you almost got me Mr.Chair not today

    好啦 我會跟他打招呼 但是...

  • This meatball lives another day, bow. I said bow instead of bro. Thank you

    我這次會用"掰"代替 謝謝

  • Uncut footage you know it always does well

    好我們走 讚啦 幹得不錯

  • Doesn't show how cringy I am in as a human being thank you. Thank you everyone.


  • I don't know why I did that right there a giant rectum here

    天啊 我的老天鵝

  • I don't like it

    你害我分心了啦 差點害我被殺欸 老兄

  • Where am I supposed to go here?


  • No click it. I don't know


  • Down here, maybe I feel like I would die

    不成問題啦 我看到那個了...我

  • No, I'm fine with that

    *勒死*(X3) 不!!我被卡在水管裡了 三小啦

  • How about that?


  • Excellent. What is this?

    它一直震動欸 喔它停了 感謝老天 那真的超煩

  • Alright, you come up with me now. Oh God that looks that looks very bad, uh excuse me


  • AH

    天鵝啊 他們在水裡比較快

  • Ah, that did the trick great excellent. Let's let's go here.


  • Oh God, they're really fucking fast

    看看這個 讚喔 天啊 我在這幹嘛



  • Why didn't I run I forgot I could I pressed A I'm so stupid Jesus, okay?

    對啦兄弟 沒錯老兄 那超讚的老兄

  • i'll try to run this time that would be I would be super Super Duper


  • I don't know why I feel safer on this thing, but really in reality. I'm fucking not


  • Hey look at that if you actually run you win. How about that? Who would have thought you should have to run crazy

    這就對了 好喔 嗚喔~~

  • I don't trust it


  • no


  • Oh God it's speaking to me. Come out and play pewdie.


  • Okay, great

    我做到了!零死亡啊大家(恭喜已3死) 由衷感謝

  • More water for Fuck's sake man


  • Looks like we got a lot of climbing to do here bros a lot of climbing for one meatball to make


  • What part of the ship is this who places a random toilet there?

    老天 ...我完全不信任任何東西*笑*

  • No toilet paper for you, buddy. hehe, oh God grab it


  • There you go


  • video game rules if there's a switch you gotta what the fuck ah


  • fuck


  • Alright fine. Maybe we need to release the pressure first if you know what I mean


  • Alright, here we go


  • There you go


  • hey, how about that


  • Wow, what a tricky puzzle there, oh mah gawd x3, my ass is filling up

    我不知道這個DLC叫什麼 也不知道它在講什麼...我就...

  • Yeah, yeah

    就突然看到可以買 我就像是 "讚啦 我一定要買來玩"

  • Yeah, oh, I get it. I get it we gotta hurry up

    天啊 這裡超黑的 給我手電筒

  • whoo


  • Swim Swim Swim Swim Swim Swim Swim Swim Swim Swim Swim


  • How do I, I died I died everyone I died

    一塊小馬鈴薯派啦 (小事一樁*a piece of cake*)

  • Did I not...What?


  • Yeah, that's how drowning works everyone in case you weren't aware


  • You lose any breath of air. You instantly die?

    潘娜拉麵包店是你家~IKEA是我城市 (Nick Crompton梗)

  • There you go


  • lil' Above my water hey there that does the trick


  • Stop stop. That's enough. Ahh Sewage. Thank you wow try not to get it in your mouth, buddy

    好喔 這太棒了 這裡會是我的葬身之地

  • There you go nice

    那裡有椅子 那些椅子會來殺我

  • nice and Smooth


  • Man I love playing this game

    女孩~~你差點就抓到我了 椅子先生 下次請早

  • It plays so nicely I love it

    這團肉球又存活下來了 老"弓" 我用"弓"代替"兄" 謝謝

  • There's something about it

    未剪輯片段 效果總是很好

  • All right new place

    讓我身為一個人類不再顯得尷尬 謝謝 謝謝大家

  • Let's save this barrel for no reason no, I can't


  • Okay, well, I don't fucking know push you out. No just look at it


  • What about here, oh okay. Wow... hahahaha


  • Oh jeez. can I pull you no it's definitely something in the water here

    不 快按它

  • You can feel it


  • I literally can feel it my my, Oh, God. I see him my controller is vib.... Well, what the fuck it's a giant's wow that's creepy

    也許這裡嗎 感覺我會死欸

  • Don't kill me Mr.Sea Monster get up UPPP!!!

    不 我沒事(´∀`)

  • THE FUCK!!


  • Get up get up no it doesn't work swim leave me alone

    完美 這是啥?

  • Ah GET UP

    好你現在得跟我走了 老天 那看起來...那看起來好糟阿

  • I hate this


  • Get up get up get up......Edgar is freaking out


  • oh


  • God, I'm sweating for real. Oh

    阿 原來這是詭計 太棒了 優秀 我們...我們走這裡吧

  • My God sweating for real. I am not a fucking seal

    老天 他們真的超快

  • Ah Jeez


  • Okay, calm down

    不!!!*笑* *勒死*(X4)

  • We can do this easy easy game boom bam slam...

    為什麼我不跑啊 我忘了我可以... 我按了A...我好蠢喔 天鵝啊

  • Sam and damn don't fucking touch me

    我這次會試著用跑的... 醬就會...我就會...超級...超級無敵(?)

  • The Forbid can't touch it ah fuck you

    我不知道為什麼在這東西上會感覺比較安全 但在現實生活中 根本就不是

  • What you gonna do huh?

    看好 如果你跑就真的會贏 如何阿

  • I'm going here for no reason hey, you like alcohol. I got you fam that got grabbed it

    誰會想到應該要用跑的 肖ㄟ

  • What is this?


  • Saw one of these before okay, so these are the new collectibles


  • Okay, great. It's a bottle post

    天啊它在跟我說話 "出來跟我玩阿pewdie"

  • Great. Hey, maybe we can use it as distraction

    好 讚喔

  • Idiot idiot


  • Yes

    看來我們這段要爬很久阿 兄弟 對於一團肉球是很大的攀爬量呢

  • Boi, that was straight up BS


  • Oh it's bs, no it's bz


  • I know kids slang shut up great jump there Felix you


  • Gold Star Buddy


  • I see you oh God.

    你沒衛生紙用囉 老兄(`∀´) 喔天鵝



  • You're a real penis


  • Don't fucking touch me man

    電玩守則:如果有個開關 你就要...三小啦

  • Through the box now, okay, I see how it is


  • Oh my God this thing I hate it now you gonna get mad at me. Oh he's not playing the game perfectly hell

    好沒差 也許我們需要先釋放它的壓力 你知道我在講什麼吧

  • Yeah, if I did it he I'd be over a long time ago, man

    好 來吧

  • Bitch, you can't fucking touch me


  • Swim Swim Swim get up ain't that fucking hard bitch


  • Fuck a duck. That's right. Bye. Bye


  • Bye


  • Here we go can we pull this it's a box everyone. I can climb here. I see it now, okay


  • Sorry, I wasn't paying attention


  • That is probably

    喔 我懂了 我懂了 我們最好快點

  • your mama


  • Your mama everyone your mama jokes, Top of the morning now that too much ain't it unless it goes down by itself


  • No it doesn't


  • Alright that will do little dead copes that'll do what the fuck


  • Oh my God, okay, well then die, then fucking die

    我怎麼... *淹死*(X5)

  • Why does he not grab that what's your fucking problem alright? I'm ready for you. Don't fucking fuck with me alright cuz I will

    我死了 我屎惹大家 翹辮子惹

  • Swing back swing back slowly, but that was not nearly good enough. Oh


  • Now you can grab it. Oh, that's interesting

    對 淹水就是這麼回事喔 大家 如果你稍微不注意的話

  • That's really interesting


  • thanks for letting me know about that one

    就會失去所有空氣 並馬上死掉

  • You want some fish come to get it ? Oh, there's more of it


  • It just keeps coming looks Delish

    再多一點水水喔 對...這樣子就好了

  • I'll have some

    好了 快停 這樣就夠了...啊~~髒水

  • Yeah, take some have some have some more while I swim. It's way tastier than me look. I'm skinny that


  • Fish is fat like your mama gottem absolutely just get up. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you


  • Fuck are you man?