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  • (Music) "You're just dark Magician..."

    ♪ 而你只是個黑魔導 ♪

  • 69, 69, 69, 69!

    69, 69, 69, 69!

  • We're still waiting for Tekashi69, but STILL. We did it, goddammit.

    我們還在等Tekashi69, 但還是...

  • Good job! ("Shing" noise)

    我們做到了, 天殺的 好樣的

  • So proud. Give yourself a pat on the back right now, doesn't it feel good?


  • Doesn't it feel good to know that you made a difference? You made the world at least... a percentage better


  • Nothing changed. Well, whatever! You did something and for that I give you a thumbs up.


  • ("shing" noise)


  • You get the "thumbs up PewDiePie seal of approval, then into a brofist".


  • ("shing" noise, cut off abruptly to silence)


  • But,

    沒什麼改變, 那又如何? 你還是有做出貢獻

  • there's still one more thing.

    因為這樣, 我給你一個...

  • There's still one more thing left on the table. What do people actually think about things?


  • That's what I ask myself every day. Oh, yeah, what does "Teens React" think about that?


  • If I don't get the approval of "Teens React", then what's the point?


  • So let's just jump into it, everybody, and see what "Teens React" has to say about PewDiePie...


  • ...being...


  • ...uh, subscribed to by people.


  • Let's jump into it.


  • GIRL: Kinda gives me anxiety that they're so close!


  • He's been the number one subscribed for like, so long, it's about time we had someone else.


  • (Metal Gear Solid alert noise)


  • (Furious mouth hissing)


  • I hate you.

    所以讓我們直接開始吧, 各位

  • (more mouth hissing)


  • Teens react to "Subscribe to PewDiePie".


  • MR. BEAST: We don't mess around.


  • BOY: I saw this video online. Oh my goodness.


  • MR. BEAST: Grab your phone, go on to YouTube, search PewDiePie, and subscribe to him.


  • BOY: Ooh, PewDiePie versus T-Series?


  • GIRL: I heard about this, like, sub race or whatever. They were both trying to get to like 69 million.

    他成為訂閱人數第一名已經很久了 是時候換人當當看了

  • We're both trying to get to 69 million. That's... that's... that was the plan (laughs)


  • That's... that's right. You got it, you got the story right. T-Series is literally shaking, in the mud, in the dirt, going


  • "Ah, damn it. He got to 69 million before us! Pack up boys. Let's go back to India."


  • "There's no reason to keep uploading. He already got it."

    我在網路上看過這個, 我的老天

  • That's right everybody, we already got it. Damn, it feels good to be on top.

    "拿起你的手機, 上youtube, 搜尋pewdiepie, 然後訂閱他"

  • GIRL: Okay... that's one way to do ads.


  • That's the best way to do ads.

    我有聽說過這個, 像是訂閱比賽之類的

  • We don't want none of those stupid "women" to subscribe.


  • (record scratch) I don't know why I said that... (laughs)


  • 'Cause women aren't real, everyone knows this. Wake up!


  • GIRL: T-Series, never heard of them.


  • Never heard of T-Series.

    這就...這就對了 妳正確了解了這個故事

  • FELIX: Good, good. Keep it that way, if you know what's good for you.


  • (gunshot noises)

    就在爛泥裡、塵土裡 然後這樣...

  • MR. BEAST: T-Series is growing four times faster than PewDiePie.

    "可惡! 他比我們先達成6900萬訂閱!"

  • GIRL: That kinda gives me anxiety, that they're so close!

    "打包吧孩子們, 我們回去印度"

  • Not anymore, they're not. I'm miles ahead. (pfft) I could go to sleep. Forever. I'd still win.

    "已經沒有理由繼續上傳了 他已經贏我們了"

  • MR. BEAST: [If] I don't do anything, PewDiePie won't be the number one most-subscribed...

    這就對了, 各位 我們已經贏了

  • FELIX: What is Canal KondZilla?!

    damn, 待在第一名的感覺真好

  • What... what are all these channels? Where are they coming from?


  • Aw, God, am I gonna... am I gonna be passed by another one now? What is this?


  • Now, please. 'Kay? Please...


  • What are you... no!


  • And he's got the 420! I didn't want to pull this card, but there is only one number that means more than 69.

    因為女人不是真的, 所有人都知道

  • 9/11. Just kidding. That's not funny. It was kind of funny. Half a second it was funny,


  • and then it stopped being funny and I acknowledge that. It's not funny anymore.


  • GIRL: But hey, he's been the number one subscribed for like, so long, it's about time we have someone else.


  • How could you say that?


  • MR. BEAST: Therefore, I spent all my money on ads so he can remain the number one most-subscribed-to channel in the world.

    很好, 繼續這樣想, 如果妳們知道什麼才是對妳們好的話

  • Absolute mad lad. What a legend. Never been so proud. This guy's the ultimate homie. He's helping him out

    撤消假的gamer女孩 "T-Series"

  • I'm not hating on anybody that is like pure dedication, but I would not do that.


  • Well I hate on you for saying that how about that?


  • Take some responsibility and do your part!


  • So funny like


  • Every one of his videos is original, is that a diss to me? What do you mean every one of mr


  • Beast's video I have original To-. Okay fine maybe i dont. Maybe that's why we go so great together, me and Mr. Beast.


  • perfect match we complete each other. I have absolutely nothing of value and then we have creative original ideas bam!


  • We should create a channel together maybe a record company. Hmm so we can beat t-series at their own game


  • Calling all bro's You can save YouTube. Oh my god

    "如果我不做任何事, pewdiepie將不再是全世界最多訂閱的人"

  • Unsubscribe from t-series truer words have never been spoken.

    誰是Canal KondZilla? "如果我不做任何事, pewdiepie將不再是全世界最多訂閱的人"

  • Wonder how many people saw the ad driving home from work?


  • You see the billboard and you're like I need to pull over right now

    這些頻道是什麼? 它們是從哪裡來的??

  • I need to subscribe to Pewdiepie right now that person in that red car right there

    老天...我要...我要被其他頻道給超越了嗎? 這是什麼?

  • They just have to stare at Pewdiepies face like the entire time


  • This is so funny what the hell. This is so distracting on the road.


  • Lucky Fan whoever is driving that Honda I envy you

    他甚至有4.2億... (註: 這裡口誤)

  • Are you subscribed to PewDiePie? No

    我不想要出這張牌, 但是只有一個數字比69更有意義

  • Can you subscribe to him, please?


  • Thank you. every little bit counts. See this guy gets the idea

    開玩笑的, 那不好笑

  • If we work together, well, we already did it. It doesn't matter. Okay. I haven't ever seen an ad at a urinal before

    有點好笑... 有半秒鐘覺得好笑

  • Millions of people every year are affected by awkward handshake that?

    然後就不好笑了, 我認知到這一點

  • that was awful Thank You conan, he met Conan? that was awful.


  • How much money did this cost honestly like?

    他成為訂閱人數第一名已經很久了 是時候換人當當看了

  • Getting all these ads. Are you subscribed to PewDiePie? Alright? No, where were you?


  • When this happened, oh my gosh, I need you to subscribe to here Chris

    "因此, 我花了所有的錢在廣告上, 所以他可以保持全世界最多訂閱頻道的第一名"

  • Not sure the viewers can see it alright hit subscribe

    絕對是個狂人, 真是個傳奇

  • Thank you, here you go, here's some


  • Subscribe to pewdiepie everybody free ketchup. but we do have is original content

    這個人是超級哥們 他在幫助他

  • I want to go subscribe to help him out

    我不是在批評任何人, 那就像純粹的貢獻精神 但是我才不會做這些

  • The most accurate news source this planet has.that would definitely get me to subscribe if I wasn't already

    那我因為妳說的而批評妳, 這樣如何

  • 67 million subscribers in a night. He crossed many bridges to get where he is today


  • Oh my god Really you really really you gotta do me like that. can't believe someone would do this. Leave a like if you are depressed watch


  • what? Pewdiepies fans have been thanking mr

    我喜歡MrBeast, 他很有趣, 像是...

  • Beast as well as trying to do their part to keep PewDiePie number 1 and so we have some memes


  • Around that to show you now awesome. Okay. Looking forward to subscribe to PewDiePie

    他在暗諷我嗎? 你是什麼意思?

  • Oh my god


  • Like that's the first thing that pops up. Google: I'm doing my part. so that's so it's so random like this is so dope


  • That's cute. That's cute. Even Google knows what's up? Mr. Beast's impact

    好吧, 可以...也許我沒有

  • Plus 85462 subscribers. Yeah, it's even more now. It's pretty crazy

    那就是為什麼我們是如此的合拍, 我跟MrBeast

  • It's like this thing is even bigger than I am no. Wait that, that's not possible

    完美的搭檔, 我們互相補足

  • low key I'm part of the nine year old army actually highkey. What am I talking about subscribe to Pewdiepie fine? There you go. There you go

    我絕對沒有任何價值... 然後我們一起創造原創的主意

  • He understood finally he was like, oh god, I got to do my part. There you go

    也許我們可以一起開一個頻道 也許開一間唱片公司

  • Well done a lot of small ad space in my local newspaper and published this I did my part pewds. Help pewds be the first


  • One to reach 69 million subscribers in the newspapers and we get the old people to subscribe to him still newspapers people

    "呼叫全部的bros, 你們可以拯救Youtube"

  • Do you know about that this are so thing. I want to know how many people clicked on that link

    我的天... "訂閱pewdiepie, 然後退訂閱t-series"

  • I think you can if you hit a + after two thousand six hundred people

    "訂閱pewdiepie, 然後退訂閱t-series"

  • Get two thousand six hundred people clicked


  • Elon musk. Send me your dankest memes


  • Pewdiepie meme review when?


  • Midnight, write subscribe to Pewdiepie on your next rocket launch.

    你看到廣告牌, 然後像是... 你必須立刻停下來

  • That's the thing that you can't mess around with Elon Musk like that cuz you know, he'll do something like that.


  • People are really, really involved in this

    "那輛紅色車子裡的人, 他們要看著pewdiepie的臉一整路"

  • This is so stupid, like literally so stupid for this many people to care about it.

    這好有趣, 搞什麼

  • I'm confused - I'm entertained. That was, that was pretty crazy.


  • The Internet is reacting how the internet reacts to a lot of things

    幸運的粉絲, 不論誰開那輛本田...

  • Just kind of blowing it out just so that way it can have its like moments of fame and get those last little subscribers


  • No, no


  • What are you saying are you saying that I'm just getting subs now and then after a month or so no one will care


  • Were you aware that the most subscribed YouTube channel was possibly about to change? No, I literally did not know this channel even existed

    "妳可以去訂閱他嗎, 拜託?"

  • I didn't even know that was like even happening. I wasn't aware at all. I mean I


  • I'm, not even subscribed to PewDiePie


  • Some people are just cruel. "Now, I will." oh okay


  • Originally socialblade predicted that t-series to pass Pewdiepie in subscriber count' on October 21st of this year


  • But this gap began to slow down and is now estimated that they will pass by November 14th, right? There's still winning. What?

    如果我們一起努力... 好吧, 我們已經辦到了

  • No, I I pad I thought they gave up

    這又沒有關係, 好嗎?

  • fine


  • It seems that we got the teens on our side, but let's see what the youtubers are saying

    每一年有上百萬個人 受到"尷尬地握手"的影響

  • The youtubers react. when you see how like t-series is taken off. It's shocking that PewDiePie has so many subscribers


  • Ok try guys

    "我必須說, 那真糟糕"

  • Why don't you try and leave good one?

    那真糟糕... 謝謝你康納...

  • So the channel is called t-series. He's heard of t-series. I haven't. It's not really a fair comparison

    他去見康納??!! 那真糟糕...

  • One guy and you know editors and what not vs. Massive corporation with thousands of employees

    這要花多少錢? 老實說, 像是...

  • It's different. There should be like different


  • Buckets on YouTube one for like the youtubers and the other for like this is a big company. God Damn it Jordan

    -你有訂閱pewdiepie嗎? -呃...沒有

  • Well said level 10 book


  • Excellent. Good take the only good take I've seen in this video. T-series vs. PewDiePie. I mean Pewdiepie is very very YouTube, right?


  • It's man speaking at camera. Honestly when you see how like t-series has taken off

    -我需要你去訂閱, 過來, Chris, 幫他拿東西 -我幫你拿東西

  • It's shocking that PewDiePie has so many subscribers. I don't like how they laugh like that

    他們在大學裡面攔人嗎? 真有趣

  • Ok, dont laugh at me like that

    我不確定觀眾可不可以看到, 但是... 好的, 按訂閱

  • They mostly post bollywood music soundtracks and film trailers, t-series is also the world's most viewed YouTube channel with over

    老兄, 這傢伙真的豁出去了

  • 47 billion views. That high? Oh my god

    謝謝, 來吧, 給你一些番茄醬

  • And they're gaining almost a hundred thousand subscribers a day hundred thousand new subscribers every single day. Oh my god. I

    去訂閱pewdiepie, 各位 免費的番茄醬

  • Got to get onto this T-series. What do you think


  • about them that could make them potentially the number one channel of all time


  • Is that the only place to go to for that type of content?


  • That's right congratulations you got monopoly

    那絕對會讓我去訂閱, 如果我還沒訂閱的話

  • Do you know how many scruffy-looking awkward boomers ranting about different topics into a microphone and a camera?


  • There are on youtube

    他越過很多個橋, 來達到他現在的地位

  • Do you understand how tough it is in this market to do what I'm doing?

    我的天... 他越過很多個橋, 來達到他現在的地位

  • So many have made the argument that it isn't fair to compare

    他越過很多個橋, 來達到他現在的地位

  • The two channels since t-series is a full-fledged Network and company that uploads multiple videos per day created by many different artists vs

    真的?你真的?真的? 你一定要這樣對我嗎?

  • PewDiePie who is an individual creator who developed his following entirely through YouTube. Yeah


  • Well, I mean, I good good for PewDiePie cuz you know, he did it for this long. still doing it still doing it!

    如果你感到鬱悶的話, 按下喜歡

  • Thank you. Whenever you go on trending, you always see like like the Jimmy Kimmel show or you just see like the next


  • Netflix trailer it's it's it's getting to that point where it's gonna be a global market of just different


  • production companies.

    pewdiepie的粉絲感謝MrBeast 也試圖出一份力來讓pewdiepie保持第一名

  • Damn.. damn that's depressing to think about isn't it?


  • Guess I never thought about it that way. Things are always changing on YouTube. I think that's what makes it interesting

    好樣的, ok 我很期待

  • That's what makes it fun. No one saw it coming

    訂閱pewdiepie... 我的天...

  • but and in such a quick timeframe as well for my 11 years on YouTube I've seen


  • time and time again the top 5 positions be

    Google: 我盡我一份力

  • Creators on YouTube maybe. I remember it differently, but when I started off there was a bunch of

    這好...這好胡鬧, 像是...這很蠢

  • there was more companies big being big on YouTube, but

    那很可愛, 那很可愛

  • Creators kind of took over. I wonder if the same sort of trend will apply to to


  • India now


  • and maybe we'll see the actual independent Indian creators the appeal and the value of investing in YouTube content it will


  • More and more be taken over by companies

    對, 現在甚至更多 這很瘋狂

  • Logically thinking it's going to become more and more coperate, corporate


  • There's just so many giant companies trying to keep up with YouTube and if they want to stay in business, it's almost

    不, 等等... 那...那是不可能的

  • Obligated at this point to do something

    低調的, 我也是9歲大軍的一員

  • I know there's you know even creators that are just actors in channels and they don't actually own the channels

    其實是高調吧, 我在說什麼 訂閱pewdiepie!

  • I mean just look at Smosh, you know

    這就對了! 這就對了!

  • it came out a few days ago that Smosh actually sold their channel and

    他懂了, 最後他像是... 喔天哪我必須出一份力

  • They're really just employees for Smosh and all this time. You think it's a private channel

    這就對了, 幹的好

  • It's it's just another company and I wonder if that applies to other channels

    我在當地的報紙上買了很多小廣告 然後發行了這個, 我出我的力了, pewds

  • I don't think a lot of people realize that for example, I'm glad I'm independent


  • At least that's about the only thing I had good thing. I haven't working for me right now

    ...在報紙上, 然後讓老人們去訂閱他

  • You can't compete with that as an independent, but you you know, you shouldn't be thinking of it as a competition

    現在還有報紙, 各位 你們知道嗎?

  • Anyway, there's plenty of people and views out there for all of us.


  • NO




  • I need more subscribers god damn it. Meanwhile PewDiePie 2012 like half a million it's amazing. It's a huge number


  • You know, I'm really happy about it. But still it's just a number and what really matters to me at least


  • It's the support that you bros show in all your videos. That's like if that's what really means something


  • I think you think shut up Felix

    Elon musk: 傳給我最炫的meme

  • Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this video, you know what to do. That's right. That's what I thought. See you tomorrow

    pewdiepie: 什麼時候來meme review?

(Music) "You're just dark Magician..."

♪ 而你只是個黑魔導 ♪


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