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  • Hello, I'm Mariam. Today I've got a story set in England in the 1800s - it's about a

  • young woman who's not afraid to speak her mind and who discovers that romance is not

  • as simple as seems!

  • This woman is called Emma - she lives in a small village right in the middle of the English

  • countryside. She's pretty, smart and a strong and independent woman in her own right. When

  • she's not out socialising, she looks after her elderly father. She thinks life is OK

  • but would like a bit more excitement and fun. She enjoys her carefree lifestyle and has

  • vowed never to settle down and get married so instead she decides to make friends with

  • a younger woman called Harriet and help her find a husband.

  • So she sets out to make Harriet a 'gentleman's wife' and to teach her about the right type

  • of man to marry. She tells her to set her sights on the town's clergyman, Mr Eton. But

  • it turns out Mr Eton is in love with Emma - or at least her money. So her plan has failed.

  • Then the handsome Frank Churchill arrives and Emma, herself, starts to fall in love

  • with him. She flirts with him and he does seem to be interested in Emma. But a good

  • friend of hers, Mr Knightley, gives her some advice, telling her that it is not right to

  • behave like that and also that Frank is not to be trusted. She then decides that perhaps

  • Frank could be the perfect man for Harriet.

  • Well, love can be a tricky thing, especially when someone is trying to control it! Join

  • me again in part two to find out if Emma - and Harriet - finally find true love. See you then.

Hello, I'm Mariam. Today I've got a story set in England in the 1800s - it's about a


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A2 初級

詞彙--"權利 "的四種用法--Emma part 1。 (Vocabulary - four uses of 'right' - Emma part 1)

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